Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sunday AM

I'm supposed to be getting ready to go up to Portsmouth to go kayaking but wanted a few minutes with my quilts. So I took pictures and figured - ah what the heck - I'll post the pictures ---quickly!!!
I finished the commissioned Monkey quilt and I think she will like it - it's cute and colorful and I like the binding now - orange is a great color.  But only I know what misery I sewed into the quilt and it seems like my sewing machine caught onto my vibes cause it was a total pain in the neck, catching on seams - breaking threads etc.  I have decided to get a new one and am leaning to Pfaff.  Anyway here's that little quilt.   Nephew Sean loved the sock monkeys - I do too!  I have some left over and also have banana fabric and spotted fabric to go with it.  

Now - I wanted to make something that I liked, and I had this great green and brown cotton fabric so followed a pattern for a quilt/wall hanging.  I totally love the look and colors of this combo - Tony doesn't think it works for a baby quilt - what do you think?  I took this picture in the basement so it is dark, I'll take another one in the sunlight and post it.  It's beautiful fabrics - but I agree - different from the typical baby look.  

  I'm getting slightly better at adding photo's to this blog - but it still isn't straightforward! 

And last but not least, my first Linus quilt -  a little Cinderella fabric (actually it's the princess fabric that I used for the other quilt that I made for a friend) - it's backed with a nice cozy fleece that I hope some child will get some comfort from.    

Wish me luck on the cold NH coast line - kayaking away! 


Debra Kay said...

Jealousy-I've always wanted to kayak.

I'm still staring at the fabric I bought for Mindy's baby quilt-your picture helped me-she would like (I think) one of those "sophisticated baby quilts...." and because we are connected via water aerobics (Mindy is my instructor) I want some kind of water drop applique motif-I kind of see a Daisy (baby girl's name) inside a drop of water.

Actually (I feel like I'm talking to you) I should probably do that with quilt scraps and just make a more tradional square quilt for the main present, because sewing curves gives me stress.

sukipoet said...

Very cute quilts. I quite like the purple baby quilt. I tried to enlarge picture but that didn't work. Anyway, I go towards the non-traditional. Have fun kayaking.

ElizT said...

It's a beauty,any baby would feel honoured.
You might need to choose discerning parents though.

Michele said...

I'm a bit of a baby blanket freak ... Zoe has about 30 blankets ... and I think almost anything goes when it comes to baby blankets/guilts. All three of your guilts are beautiful and I think all would be great for a baby. The one in the middle is a bit more sophisticated so I'd save that one for a trendy mom : ) On a diff note, I need to buy an inexpensive sewing machine as my starter machine, any suggestions???

Lisa M Griffin said...

These quilts are all so great. I especially love the sock monkey one. Hope you had a nice kayaking trip in Portsmouth. I love that area, especially near the historic section and Strawberry Banke.

Forever Young said...

these are lovely mim, i love the middle one in browns, very subtle, very professional looking. kayaking, oh my oh my, never! good luck.

Blue Bhudda said...

i don't know if the brown one would work for a baby, it seems more like old mansion wall tapestry to me.

Lynn said...

I Like the middle quilt best.
Those colors are the colors new babies see. (black and white, close enough.) The monkeys are cute too and the choices of fabric are terrific. YOu did very very well.

Anonymous said...

Where did you find the princess fabric? I need some like that!