Sunday, May 18, 2008

Happy Times

We went to NH yesterday to watch Sean play with his baseball team.  Got to the field, saw Sean with his friends but stayed low profile (nothing like your aunt coming up to kiss you in front of your teammates!) Anyway, Tony went over and said hello, figured out what was going on and then we waited...and waited...for Sean to get into the game.  Finally the coach smartened up and had him pitch the last two innings (5 inning games).  It was great to watch this graceful, tall, thin wonderful kid pitch - I can't figure out if he got the "win" or the "save" - but either way  - to me - he's certainly the winner!   


Debra Kay said...

I remember watching my cousin's son play HS basketball. That kid was amazing, and as beautiful to watch move as Jerry Rice going after a Joe Montanna pass. We were talking about how wonderful he moved, and his Grandma reminded us "don't say that to him, it won't be cool...."

Blue Bhudda said...

sweet pics.

Lynn said...

Yea for aunties who go to nephews baseball games. They love you so and rightly all.