Sunday, May 18, 2008

A calming sunday

Today was truly a day of rest, just working in the garden and household chores.  Emotionally I still feel bruised and that is coming out in the quilt that I have been making. 
A friend at work asked if I could make a quilt for her for a baby shower that she has to go to early June. Of course, I was thrilled but in the midst of all that we had the "bad husband" thing happen and I totally forgot about it. So when she asked me this week if it was almost finished, I told her the truth, and said that I'd have it done by next week. 
I think I've said before how much of yourself you sew into a quilt- or into anything that you make.  Well, this quilted blanket has given me more trouble than I would ever believe.  I am definitely sewing my feelings into it. It's wrinkled, and stretched out wrong, I've had to stitch and pick out stitches; the border started out at 9 inches wide but has been cute down to 5 inches.  The binding color is all wrong, and I'll have to make new. It needs pressing, and washing and if I wasn't giving it away - it'd go into the goodwill box, so that I wouldn't see it again.  
Every quilt has a story, and this one is a tangled mess.  


Debra Kay said...

Sock monkeys rule. The baby won't care about bindings and maybe you will sew your heartahe away.

caseytoussaint said...

Hi Mim!
I think this quilt looks great - I think any small child I've ever met would be thrilled to have it.
I haven't stopped by in a while, lately I've been struggling to keep up. Sounds like a terrible rough patch. At least your friend knows what's been going on now and can move on and make some decisions - this is the same one you wrote of before, isn't it? I really feel for her.
As for you, let's hope this new doctor will quickly find the right dosage and get you back to feeling well.
It's true that troubles seem to come in clusters. The downside to that is obvious, but the up side is that in between we get a little time off.
I'll be thinking of you.

Teri C said...

What an adorable quilt! That lucky baby that receives this will have hours of fun just looking at it. My grandgirls (10,9 and 7) still love the quilts I made for them and use them on the sofa for cuddling.

Forever Young said...

i think it's all in the dosage and hope they sort it soon. you have a very lucky friend too, lucky to have you to turn to, wish i had you close by too!

Blue Bhudda said...

I don't care how wrinkly it is those monkeys are flipping awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ElizT said...

Looks good from here.

Michele said...

Sock monkey totally rules and you are being way too hard on yourself. I'm sure the quilt is beautiful and the receiver will LOVE it even more so because it is handmade.

Lynn said...

I'm sorry your friends husband is such a jerk, and it's nice you can be there for her...but remember to leave the boundaries clear between her pain and you.

I too hope your doctor is on the right track and gets your body in balance. Once I started thyroid meds years ago the tiredness went away and I felt normal again. I hope yours is as easily fixed.

Now this quilt is cute, and this friend is lucky to have you in there sewing away too. Sounds like its been theraputic for you even if you pulled a little to tightly or cut a little too much...try to lighten up on yourself...and the "tangled mess" will be a warm cuddly mass of quilt loved from birth on for some lucky little kid out there. You did good.
Sounds like you could use some hugs yourself. (((((((((((((MIM))))))))))))