Monday, July 28, 2008

From Washington DC

Ok, ok, - I just had to share. I should be working on my presentation to our best customer tomorrow but this was just too funny to keep to myself.
Sitting one seat over from me on the plane from Boston to Washington was none other than Massachusettes Senator John Kerry, who lost the last presidential election to you-know-who in 2004. In coach. On the Boston to Washington shuttle. In my row!
He didn't seem very open to conversation and of course, I was racking my brain trying to think of something witty to say. (DH texted me telling me to quip something like "not quite AirForce 1 is it?" - but I didn't)
The guy sitting actually next to me appeared to be an observant Jew and was reading a religious text thru the whole flight.
John Kerry was reading...and I'm NOT kidding..." A Dummies guide to Religion". (you know those yellow "dummies" books? Unmistakable right? Plus I saw the title on every page)
Okay, I'll give the guy a break. He seemed tired, and it's alot to be a state senator, and lots to learn in short times. But a "Dummies" book?
But he is a good looking man, that's for sure.
Funny, funny day.


Debra Kay said...

Mim that is so cool. There is something alluring about famous people. no matter what they are famous for.

Forever Young said...

i agree with debs, up close they are just like us (although better looking perhaps). poor man, he will always be the 'loser' .....

hope your week is not too tiring and that your ankle stands the strain. hugs and wfs.

soulbrush said...

Starting a new blog as colleagues at work found my old one, and i felt this limited my freedom of expression.
Please don't mention FY on my new one.
Find me at:

Hope to see you there!

Lynn said...

Oh how funny, sitting next to an observant, orthodox Jew and reading a Dummies book about religion. He had an opportunity right next to him, he could have covered Judiasm 101 on the whole trip if the jewish fellow was a true scholar/rabbi/teacher perhaps?
I will go to bed laughing about this image!
Our friend FY could draw a "giggle" about it I'm sure!!!!!

soulbrush said...

your friend isn't doing anymore giggles....sorry!

Lynn said...

Oh, too bad... ;-(

sukipoet said...

Cute story. Hard to believe anyone could read one of those Dummies books. They are so well dumb. But yes, he is good looking.

caseytoussaint said...

Great story, Mim! I actually like some of those dummies books (oops, should I admit that in public?) but I'd never read one where I could be seen. Kind of makes him appealing - in a strange way...
Someone could offer a dummies guide to the constitution to some others I could think of.