Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Work-Studio area

Suki suggested that we post our art-work space, and I took the challenge.  Go to her blog and see the interesting comments, lots of food for thought. 

I have the total luxury of space in this house, something that I have never had in all the years of apartment dwelling and tiny home ownership.  And, as science demands, I have spread out to fill all of that space.  I think boundary's would be a bit good for me, and perhaps I'll set them for myself - but not just yet.  I'm enjoying this basement space WAY too much to pull back just yet. 

You walk down the stairs to our basement, and see a ping pong table which I have turned into a quilting table.  I do all my cutting and quilt assembly here - it's great space.  When the kids are here I have to move my stuff but that's no big deal. 

Right now I am working on a pink, girly, totally Victorian looking quilt.  I loved the colors but when the quilt top was assembled, the inside was too pale, and I got my heart set on velvet bows - this quilt was heading towards a wall hanging.  I did find some vintage appliques on line - and at the same time, found vintage hats with pink satin bows - which are just amazing.  Not sure how this quilt will finish off but I've got great options. 

You head into the basement back room into the pinky-flesh colored section that is mine (mine! mine! all mine!).  The cork board is taped to the wall, cause I can't figure out how you connect things to cement.  I think the way I should do it is to have someone else do it for me.  Pictures certainly show the bareness of the walls - gotta work on that but that requires carpentry also.  

My supplies are to one side. Tony just shakes his head when he sees my stash and claims that he has had one exacto knife for 30 years.  I really could care less.  I just started art work two years ago and I'm trying everything!  You name it, I probably have it.  Actually took a huge bag of stuff to Goodwill today to let some worthy people get good stuff cheap.   Actually alot of the stuff on these shelves is household stuff or model airplanes from DH's youth.  I will sneak most of this into the attic one day soon.  

Against the back wall I have my grandma's old sofa.  It needs recovering in the worst way, but is SO big that it would be very expensive. But I love it and it is comfy and while I usually don't sit down when in this room, it's nice to know that I can.  The shelves are stacked with "how to" books and other junque

Here is my wonderful little sewing area - hodgepodge as usual.  

It's funny to take pictures of a space you spend so much time in.  I can see things in photo's that I don't see in person. Like the bare walls.  

The other funny thing is that I cleaned this place up for HOURS before taking these pictures.  Not to make it nice for the unveiling, but just because it needed it so badly.   Yet, when I see these pictures I see chaos. 

What would I like for space?  Well, I feel so fortunate to have this space already but if we're dreaming - why not go for the moon. I'd love a sunny space, mine is dark, dank and frequently cold.  I'd love warm wood floors and clean lines and easy to get to supplies which are arranged just perfectly in appropriately sized bins.   I'd like to be inspired in my work space, perhaps with a wall where things could be posted, words, thoughts.   Frankly, I need a professional organizer and an open wallet. 

Hey all, maybe we should ALL contact HGTV and they could do a special on "Friends-who-have-never-really-met but who need newly organized studios". They could travel from California to New Hampshire to England to Australia to Iran.  What a GREAT idea!  


Sean said...

What you really want is an all glass room connected to your house.It could just be on single pane of glass formed with glass roof and all. That would be awesome. But on nice summer days it just opens up so that you are working outside. When should our next movie date be?
Love sean
P.S. Are we doing the water country thing?Because if so we should probably pick a date.

Fern said...

nice space. makes me want to make stuff.

Forever Young said...

what a delightfully large area....pity it's so dark and dank down there...can i join you and sean at the movies? hugs

Mim said...

Sean darlin- for you anything! How about tomorrow night? and I love the idea of a glass room. Fern you are welcome to take a mini vacation at my house any day and FY - of course you can come to the movies with us!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Wouldn't that be a dream come true.
You have so much room. I envy that. I have room but don't utilize it right, because I dont know how. sad but true.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

ps.. whats showing at the show? Count me in too. :)
Thanks for caring comments on my poor hubbys accident.

Lynn said...

OH I hope I'm the one in California as I'd love a do over for my studio...
You are fortunate to have all that room Mim.... What is that pink and purple thing on your cutting board please?
and what Tall Ship is in the photo behind the couch? (This I ask for my DH)...He loves tall ships.

I am in the process of bringing home shelving from my office to put in my family room for fabric and embellishment storage near my design table and sewing machine table. I need more neatness. think it is possible in any quilting area?

Lynn said...

PS: excited to see what the pretty pink quilt turns out to be. Where did you get those big bows?

sukipoet said...

Mim, great studio. I just love the pink walls which lend such warmth. Funny, you say your walls are bare but each photo shows walls full, one way or the other, with interesting things. So great you have all those tables upon which to work. And yes I was bloody impressed with how tidy it all is, but then I read you clean it up for the photo shoot. :) I put a link to your post on my blog. Be well, Suki

Anonymous said...

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Mim said...

Lynn - - that pink and purple thing on my cutting board is a clamped handle for my ruler! It's amazing, and I got it at my local quilt store. Interestingly, my mom has the same one which is used as a temporary clamp in their shower - as a holding bar. you have to get one for your cutting - it's amazing!
The tall ship is the Cutty Sark! I have a friend (deceased now) who was the naval architech for the rehab of the Cutty Sark which is in England. He was a wonderful painter, someday I'll post some of his pictures. And the bows are unique - I got them from a vintage site that sold old 1940's millinary!
Suki - I get easily overwhelmed in chaos, but equally forget what stuff I have if it's closed away. Ah well, someday I'll find a happy medium.
Cris - you're welcome to come to the show with us! We always go for root 'em, toot 'em action movies - my favorites!

Teri C said...

Just a beautiful place!!! wowee, are you lucky!

Someday I need to post a few photos of my quilts because I know you will enjoy them.

marianne said...

I see a lot of stuff but everything very orderly. I suppose your have to be orderly to work with fabrics......
it is large wow!
Working in a cold place isn't my thing either...... My room was very cold before but after the renovation better, we isolated the floor and the walls.
I would love to have my own room with easy to get supplies as you said it. But I have to be patience and realize I'm lucky already

Lynn said...

Mim, I saw this HANDLE on TV after I saw it on your site first!! I saw it used/being sold as a shower fixture and that it could be easily moved for other uses. I would have never thought of it as a ruler handle. This then makes it easier to handle your ruler so it doesn't slip? Is that the reason for using it? What will they think of next?