Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Animal Wednesday - July 2nd

I wish this was posted "In Memorium" but it isn't!  He's still out there, eating my plants.  Meanwhile some additional information on these animals below. I'm starting to admire the darn rodents. 

Woodchuck babies video - damn - they are cute.  
An article from 1904 about Woodchucks and chickens.

Ours snuck into the Hav-a-Heart Trap and then neatly snuck out again.  Clever animal. 


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Debra Kay said...

The are probably kin to our prairie dogs here in Oklahoma.

Prairie dogs are communal and once lived in vast "dog towns" on the plains. They are more rare due to population loss and the sad human habit of using them for target practice.

Schmear the bottom of the trap with peanut butter way near the back so he has to work it a bit to get it out. I prefer chunky, but smooth would probably work.

Don't know if you'll get your chuck, but I betcha catch something.

Teri C said...

See, now that woodchuck got just what he wanted...to be featured on your blog. Right down to the footprints :)!


ElizT said...

Much too cute to eat! He needs your veg.

sukipoet said...

Ah, get to know thine arch enemy and he becomes a friend.

studio lolo said...

Did you see the size of mama? I'd check her belly for your veggies :)

What size shoe do you wear Mim? I'd love to send you some Chucks that aren't "woodchucks!"

human being said...

In Memorium!!!
ha ha
so the battle continues...

it is said when you insists, they persist...
so make friends with the woodchucks... they may leave...