Monday, July 14, 2008

Lovely Summer reading - maybe even in the hammock

Loretta has asked her faithful readers to list the books that you want to read this summer, so here I goes. The 4 that I picked up to list are:

"The distant land of my father" by Bo Caldwell. (I already know I'm going to cry)
"Frangipani "by Celestine Vaite
"The Effect of Living Backwards" by Heidi Julavits
"In the Company of the Courtesan" by Sarah Dunant.

I also just ordered some E.M Delafield books which look lusciously English Countryside and should be a good summer read.

Now the truth is that while I really am going to read all these books, I chose to list the more intellectual looking titles. I didn't list the ones that I love to escape and read like "Her Highland Lover" a story of love and lust in 13th century Scotland with a 20th century gal who just happens to travel back in time to find her true love....or "The Demon Within" a story of a luscious vampire killer who meets a vampire who stirs her soul and she just CAN'T kill him even tho' he's BAD for her...etc, etc. I shamefully admit that I adore those crazy bodice ripper romances...but only the ones with a good story mind you....NOT the ones that come out every week, what do you think I am??? But I love the time traveler science fiction series and of course, everything has to come out right in the end.

I have always been a avid reader and listener of books. I love to read and used to lock myself in the bathroom for hours at a time to escape from family trying to get me to go outside and play instead of reading. My families complaint was that I always "had my nose buried in a book" but with a librarian for a sister, at least SOMEONE understood. But even now, when I can lose myself totally in a book there is such resentment from my loved ones - so much so that I read at 5:00 or 6:00 am or late at night. Why do people resent other people reading and losing themselves in a book?

The nice thing about having leg surgery is that I can milk it for a few more days and read to my hearts content. The problem is that I am such a fast reader that I could finish those 4 books above in 4 days, so I do have to pace myself. order to pace myself to enjoy those more intellectual books, I intersperse them with the trashy novels...Yeah - that's it! I read trash to make the good stuff last longer.

Wish I'd thought of that excuse before I told you all the truth.

Happy Summer reading to all....what are you reading this summer???


sukipoet said...

I've been an avid reader all my life. My ex (note ex) used to complain about my reading. I never understood. Am I sitting around doing drugs? Am I wasting time watching television? What harm is reading?

My own kind of "trash" is mystery novels. some are good, some are so bad I skip a ton of pages. But I do love the escape and the puzzle.

Mom reads a book a day. Romance novels are her favorite and only reads. Im glad she has this entertainment and time passer. We are not a TV watching family.

Loretta said...

I do love any situation that allows me to sit on my butt and read! Didn't know you had had surgery. As for the lusty vampires, etc - we all need those escapist books! I call them the marshallow fluff - too much and you gag, but just enough to make life sweeter!

Fern said...

my sister in law left behind a coy of The Memory Keepers Daughter.

I didn't mean to start reading it, but sometimes books just end up in my hands and I am taken away.

Fern said...

a copy* of;

Debra Kay said...

Someday I'd like to take a reading vacation. Go some place plush and comfie with good room service-and READ.

ElizT said...

How about that! the EM Delafield books were my mother's comfort reading and then became mine; I now know them almost too well.

ElizT said...

You might be a little offended about some attitudes she has to the US!

ksklein said...

Hi Mim, I would love to get some vampire book suggestions. ;) Haven´t read any good so far.

Teri C said...

I totally relate as I am also a readeraholic, mysteries being my favorite unless someone suggests a good fiction.

Using the library for their wifi means I also grab a few of the new books on the way out :)

studio lolo said...

I'm so jealous! I don't think I've finished a novel in at least four years. The only time I can find to read is bedtime. I last for about 2 minutes/2 paragraphs before I'm nodding off! At that rate, a book never gets finished. I have a pile of good ones calling my name :(

Hope the leg's coming along!

Forever Young said...

i love bed under a warm comfy duvet...will be catching up this summer.
at the moment i am reading 'sotah' by naomi ragan. wonderful book. you deserve this time to read and get well mim1

Lynn said...

Oh you are so funny Mim...Love, love love your true confessions here. I am laughing so loudly.
The nose-in-the-book award went to my brother growing up, but mom, and I were avid readers too. I think we all read to avoid the sadness/alcholic/dad in our one was talking to each other anyway, so books filled that void really well.
I never got into the "bodice ripping novels" but you make them sound mighty inviting. I now mostly read in bed at night before falling asleep so it takes me a long time to finish a book...more apt to be perusing art quilt magazines or quilting of course!

I hope your foot is better soon and you are walking like your elephant above.