Thursday, July 3, 2008

Garden pics

The wet, hot weather has left us with some glorious flowers and interesting mushrooms.  This dragonfly was flying from plant to plant eating mosquito's.  I think he was resting here, with a very full belly. 

A redbud leaf, just calling out to be drawn with colored pencils. 

Mushrooms pokeing up thru the gravel. 

More 'schrooms
Isn't this one beautiful? 
There is another little tiny dragonfly on this leaf. What originally drew me to take this picture was the subtle orange showing thru the buds of this lily, I love the contrast against the green. 

I adore day lilies - aside from lilacs, they are my favorite flowers. 

A daisy?  Not sure of the actual name, DH bought these and put them in.  Nice and bright tho'

An asiatic lily - no problem yet with the beetles that usually eat these guys.  Maybe I've been spared the beetles and been sent the woodchuck instead? 

This spirea was covered with bees - buzzing like crazy. They paid no attention to me at all. 

And to keep it real, in all this blooming beauty, we have a New York City sign that we have carried around for years, it's on the back of our garden shed and I just love it. 

 Happy July 4th to all, 


Teri C said...

Geez, everything looks just gorgeous!! Love the mushrooms, the flowers, well, just everything!

Anonymous said...

about your post below. You are an amazingly kind and wonderful soul who has lifted my spirit with your comments during my difficult wait.
You also take pretty pictures:)

Debra Kay said...

Mim, I really enjoyed the pictures-I took some myself today. But, who knew Mushrooms had balls? That is too funny.

studio lolo said...

wow, I was pretty sure I left a comment earlier. Anywho...the daisys are Gerbera Daisies. They come in all sorts of colors and last a really long time as cut flowers. I buy them for the studio a lot.
Wonderful garden Mim!

human being said...

these are breathtaking, Mim...
i love the way we cannot see the dragonfly's wings.... just a sort of wave of enegry...

very nice pics

happy 4th of July to you, my dear American friend...

Rrramone said...

LOVE these photos, especially the dragonfly. And thanks for asking about Paul. Still about the same but showing small signs of more activity. :-)

Forever Young said...

those mushrooms are astounding, are they really real? gorgeous dragonfly too.

Bernie Berlin said...

LOVE your blog & the pics!!!
Makes me wish I had more time to enjoy nature.. The beauty that surrounds us, is so often taken for granted.
Have a Fabulous 4th of July!!!