Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Animal Wednesday - Black and White Chicken

Black and white chicken - colored pencils on Bristol paper.

I have about 3 animal pictures in the works...but with all day meetings, and evenings out for work, I just don't have time to work on anything! We are leaving for Martha's Vineyard on Thursday night - for over a week, and getting ready to go on vacation is more work than getting ready to leave on a business trip. Bicycles to pack up with all that gear - kayaks and their gear; warm weather shorts and cool evening jeans and fleece. Friends coming over to visit during our vacation, so we are bringing home cooked food and goodies.

Should be fun if I don't have a nervous breakdown first! Expect an animal photo next week - no scanner!

HAW to you all,


studio lolo said...

I realy enjoy painting chickens for some reason. I love the softness of this one. Nice job!

I'm jealous you'll be on the vineyard. When we move back, that's a destination I'm going to make up for! Have a great time!

Oh, and HAW :)

Lynn said...

Have a marvelous time. My SonIL's parents have a place on Martha's Vineyard. Wonder if you know them.

Is this a place you vacation regularly? Sounds like you will be quite active. Wish I could come too. ;-) Bon Voyage!

soulbrush said...

hey, i was expecting a labrador!
going on holiday is one of the most stressful things on the continuum.
hope you have a 'whale' of a time...don't be 'chicken' and get 'doggone' down and enjoy! hugs.

ElizT said...

I would like to be Labrador but the Airedale side keeps coming through.

Debra Kay said...

HAW-I still haven't given up the notion of having a small urban chicken arrangement-complete with movable chicken tractor. Technically it's illegal in the city limits, but as long as you don't have roosters crowing at 4 am like my neighbors did, it should be ok.

Teri C said...

That is one struttin cute chicken!!
have fun!

Miladysa said...

Have a wonderful time!

I LOVE this hen :-D

Mim said...

Hey all, I also love painting and drawing chickens. Someday I'll do one that captures how silly I think they are, and someday I'll post the story of the first time I took care of my neighbors chickens.

Maybe a labrador next week, there are lots of black dogs on the island. Lynn, I don't regularly vacation there, at least not for years, but if I meet someone named YETT, I'll say hello!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I just love chickens and therefore your sketch. I hope you have a great time while on vacation. Bon voyage.