Sunday, September 28, 2008

Clearly I've been overthinking this MAC

Thanks to Fern and OrangeFrute for setting me straight. Yes friend...I went to a web site - found a picture of an elephant...dragged it to my desktop where it saved as a .jpg and then I just loaded it on this wonderful informative blog.

I was TOTALLY overthinking this process - being used to a PC where I had to right click and turn upside down and open programs etc.

I can't believe it's this there a catch?


Lynn said...

Glad you figured out your Mac.
Now, why does it say: "Stop following" above our photos in your Followers site at side bar????? It looks like you are telling people to stop following our blogs. You cannot possible mean this! LOL

ksklein said...

IT IS THIS EASY! Believe me. You just have to get used to your Mac and forget the PC. :)

And where it really is super easy, that whenever you plug in any device (camera, scanner, printer, etc) the Mac recognizes the device. No need for installing any software etc. Cool, isn´t it?

Mim said...

Does anyone else see what Lynn is saying? All I see is "Follow this blog"????

Is this a MAC thing again???


soulbrush said...

don't see what lynn glad you got it working - happy blogging ahead for you.

sukipoet said...

Glad you are having fun with yr new computer. I myself hate to change computers. They are so personal. My personal notebook. But alas I had to change a year ago. Am only moderately happy with this one, but it's mostly the word processor that bugs me.