Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What Color are you?

Yesterday around 10 of us at work were at an off site all day long meeting (which continues today and tomorrow). Prior to the meeting we had to answer questions about word descriptions that fit you...or don't fit you - scored as 1 - 5. I'm sure that a lot of you have taken these types of personality test, they're interesting to read but not anything that you wouldn't know if you pay attention to yourself and everyone else in your life.

Anyway, we all did the test - got assigned our "colors" and then had to stand in a corner and describe your personality. What was funny was that I was the only "yellow" in the group - everyone else was a red or blue. Red is more aggressive; blue is analytical and yellow is a motivating inspirer. I was up there all alone defending/explaining the soft side of life. Funny thing was - after I read the personal description that they provided (which was so accurate it was frightening) I blurted out "I'm a Labrador!" Yes, it's true...I'm actually a dog in disguise. I'm happy to see people, I hate loud voices. I trust first and ask questions later. I'll retrieve all day long if you want me to. If you're mad at me, I will patiently wait until you get over your snit.

Aside from all the other stuff during the day that was annoying, or tedious - I was pretty happy to find out that I'm a Lab.



ksklein said...

Wow. A Lab. Not bad! :) And yellow suits you. Is this test also available online? Would be cool to see the results. Though I love red, I´m sure I´m not a red person. I would think more of one of the light green ones. :)

Hey mim, yesterday I received the Link magazines and the atc. Thanks so much for forwarding the magazines to me. You knwo that I will return the favor any time. just let me know what I can do for you.
The atc is beautiful. I really really like it. Now I need a frame for it! ATCs where actually what got me back to doing art. I do not do them any more but I´ve got hundresd lying around. :) But when I was occupied with two little babies, this was the only format which I could manage to do. ATCs are great.

soulbrush said...

i can so see you as a lab! they are one of the gentlest most loving canines on earth!

Fern said... and I should go romping around the park some day...I am some other dog though,not a Lab..not a Terrier or Greyhound..something more like a cross-eyed, sheds-too-much Mutt.(good behavior optional)

Debra Kay said...

I always thought I was a border collie or an australian shepherd, at least I want to be. I'm obsessive, protective, rush into situations where I know I'm going to get kicked and bit, but I do like to have fun too. I just wish I had the energy of those dogs-endless. Energy wise I am more like a Pug.

Mim said...

Deb - I always wanted to be a pug, had a lovely one as a kid...and my brother has snuggly maggie now. Lovely dogs, but a bit slow on the beach runs.