Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Vacation tasks

This is what I plan to do on vacation.

1) Read all my backed up magazines.
2) Open mail from two weeks ago.
3) Start knitting a sweater
4) Finish handsewing a quilt top
5) Start...maybe even finish...hand quilting another baby quilt. (Nah..I won't finish it)
6) Read at least 5 books
7) Do alot of artwork, pen and ink and watercolor.
8) Kayak
9) Walk and hike
10)Bike ride
11)Tootle around the island.
12)Eat good food,
13)See good friends.
14)Remember why I actually liked the guy I'm vacationing with
15)Shower in the outside shower - every day
16)Take pictures
18)Watch movies that I have hanging around for months/years
19)NOT work
20)Check blogs
22)Remember why I actually got married.
23)Enjoy the island.
24)Have drinks at night outside by a fire maybe even, or on the beach watching the phosphorescence in the waves.
25)wear my warm sweatshirt with shorts
26)Sleep well, with open windows and comfy warm blankets
27)Stop at antique stores
28)go to the Scottish baker store, pies with shortbread crust
29)watch the sheep
30)watch the llamas

Which ones do you think I'll actually do?


Lynn said...

So how many months did you say you are going to be on the vineyard?
A year?
this sounds like a long list Mim.
Even if I divide these thirty things up in morning/noon/evening/and nighttime activities there doesn't seem time to do it all. How long are you going to be on vacation?

Getting close to the guy you married has to be #1.

and taht could take up a lot of time



Go enjoy!
I don't care what else you get done.
Do what you want
when you want
and come home rested and happy!

Mim said...

I get ambitious right before vacation. But what's interesting to me is how as I was making the list, I got calmer and calmer...and ended the list with the softer side of vacation fun.
Yes...remembering WHY I got married is a big goal for this vacation. One tends to forget in the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Sarah said...

The one you missed off - it says tear up the list. Funny to read (apart from the serious points about marriage) as I also plan goals for my holidays and never meet them! I just hope you and DH have a good time, get relaxed, enjoy each other again and re-affirm your marriage.

Debra Kay said...

I hope you do them all-many are simultaneous activities.

ElizT said...

I was going to say the same as Sarah, stop making lists.

Fern said...

ah the llamas

soulbrush said...

they always say that vacations can be wonder if you have a list going...throw it away and just spoil yourself and that hubby of yours each and every minute...have fun and enjoy!!!!
(remember those good old days when there were no mobiles, tv's, ipods or computers to come between you and your beloved...aaaahhhhh)

studio lolo said...

Five books? I haven't finished an entire book in a few years, at least. I miss reading so much! The only time I have to read is at bedtime and then I fall asleep after one page. I literally have 5 books going at the same time hoping I'll finish at least ONE of them.
I'd love time away with hubby to reconnect. I like your list, but I agree you should throw it away now. Write it and toss it!