Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Animal Wednesday on Tuesday - Fishies redux

We are probably leaving tomorrow for a winter holiday (with MIL of course, sigh) but since things are looking up with her it should be a bit more upbeat than our last couple of visits. My mom will be in California from Thursday onwards, which is great for her - but we'll miss her around the house. But then again...we get the house to ourselves for a week...

So yes, I could have posted Animal Wednesday as a scheduled post, but I actually don't like those. My posts are somewhat immediate, not planned, not scheduled and it wears on my mind thinking that something is out there getting ready to pop (or not pop as sometimes happens) on my blog. So, I am posting Animal Wednesday on Tuesday and since there are NO rules for AW - I'm not in trouble with the animal police!!

So, the latest fish episode:

On a snowy Sunday, after inside chores were complete, I sat and watched a movie and drew another few fishes with a few additional extensions on their chubby bodies. After they were done and scanned in, I printed them on various paper, and played with color.

I like painting fish because you can play with watercolors in their bodies - letting one blend into another, plus - fish colors are variable, there is no "right" or "wrong" colors for a fish. And I do love fish that walk....

I was working on this guy early in the AM, and his tail was coming out so red, and the paint acting so strange! I thought it was the paper that I wasn't used to but no...it was me...I was using turp instead of water and using watercolor paint. Very strange outcome I think, and very odd to work with. He is still a work in process - I've got to work on Leg Details.

Which one(s) do you like, if any?

Everyone is posting about how they won't be posting over the holidays. I won't make that statement and I'll post if I have something interesting to post about!

Happy Animal Wednesday to you all, Merry Holidays and Happy New Year.


Teri C said...

These fish are all fantastic! Love their curls and the colors are perfect.
You are the fish expert for sure!!

Happy holidays to you and all your loved ones whereever they are!!

Teri C said...

Oh, isn't it fun to shake it up!!!

Lynn said...

Well you just posted that you won't be posting on Wednesday. LOL
I love all these fish. I looked and looked but could not pick a favorite as they are each wonderful. You have such great command over watercolors.

Happy New Year dear friend.
And do enjoy your time together,
I'm sure MIL will do her thing and you can do yours part of the time??? Hope so anyway.

Bea said...

How funny to see his legs and him walking down the street. Looks like a Zetti fish to me! lol
I may or may not have access to a computer. I can't imagine my middle son and DIL NOT bringing their laptop. If not I'll be back on line 1/3/2010. You have a wonderful time down in Florida. Soak up the sun. :)Bea

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Well have a safe trip to Florida.
I like all the fish but I guess if I had to pick it would be the first one. love the colors.
Enjoy the week.

studio lolo said...

Mim, I do believe your fish are getting more sophisticated as time marches on. The lines in the fins are almost tassle like. I love them! And what a wonderful accident to use turps!

I'm loving the guy with the legs. The colors are outstanding, but what I don't understand is....Pearls and Chips?
That made me laugh out loud and I really needed that!

Best group (school) yet!

Happy holidays missy. I'm so so glad I got a hug in the flesh!!

Stay safe and be happy.

soulbrush said...

oooh i love them all, adorable actually, do i see another book emerging? yes please! hope you can have som r+r while away. time to reflect and to look forward with hope to 2010.
i have done the page for your book, so will post it soon, hope you will like it.xxxx

sukipoet said...

I love all the fish and love the colors too. well, interesting info you received re: using turp w/watercolors. maybe there will be some times you want that effect. hope you have a restful time inFlorida and can fit in some fun for yourself.

Debra Kay said...

I love the red fish tail-it's my favorite. It was one of those wonderful accidents of fate.

Oliver's post was a scheduled post and I scheduled it for the wrong day....LOL. Oh well.

He's in rare form today-it's not yet 7:15 and he's already worked up a couple of variations of "who let the dogs out" and declared "YOU Are a MEAN DOG!!!"

Lisa at Greenbow said...

It is difficult to choose a favorite. I like the walking fish because of the Chips and pearls that go with it. It made me smile.

I hope you and your hubby have a great holiday. No drama just a wonderful visit. Cheers.

PAK ART said...

they are all wonderful, but my favorite is the colorful guy looking left with 3 dorsal fin spikes, but no curly on his tail...he actually looks like a very real fish.

caseytoussaint said...

These are great - I love the way you've applied cor to them!

~Babs said...

I love walking fish, though I must say these are the first I've seen in a while.
Have a great holiday, with some sand in your shoes!

katie jane said...

Well, but of course, I like the fish with legs! Why be oprdinary? And you are so right, all fish are strange and colorful, so you can never be wrong. I'm certain there really are fish with legs! I believe we all derived from fish in the first place, so go for it.

As for blogging thru the holidays, count me in! I'll be here!

Michele said...

Ms Mim I think you might also need to start producing coloring books. My 3 year old was sitting in my lap when I looked at these fish and she immediately wanted to color them. She LOVES the one with the legs although she said "fish are not supposed to have legs, only tails. But I like her anyway."

ksklein said...

I finally had some time to catch up on your latest post. Hope you are enjoying and relaxing during holiday time.
I love all the black and white fish drawings and of the colored ones I specially like the top one of this post.