Saturday, December 19, 2009

More Fish, more cards

The tradition in DH's house is 7 fishes on Christmas eve. Love that dinner!

Here are two fish cards that I am working on, just to have in my stash. I copied the basic idea from another card that I bought, as I find the way to learn is to copy, copy, copy, remember details, think, draw, try again etc. then try it on your own and keep the cycle going.

MIL is doing pretty well, and sighs of relief sound in our house. Still not 100% but better; so our visit down there for Christmas should be less stressful. We might even get to have some fun - maybe get some good bike riding in.

We are off today to see our 17 year old nephews and their 'rents - early Christmas for us and them, since we are never together on Christmas day. (Actually one year we stayed home, and planned to have dinner over there..and I got sick with the yucks and had to stay home. DH went and had a great time.)

We're expecting snow tonight, and are cracking out the snowshoes for a tramp thru the woods tomorrow. I love a snowy sunday at this time of year. Movies are pretty classic, lots of reindeer and happy endings - my kind of movie.

Be well....


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Love your fishes Mim. I am surprised that none of them have santa hats on. ;) Enjoy your visit and stay well.

Bea said...

You know I LOVE, LOVE fish. These are great! Have a wonderful time playing in the snow. Stay warm. :)Bea

sukipoet said...

wonderful fish cards. enjoy all the snow. and glad to hear MIL is doing better

studio lolo said...

Mim, I adore the trio! Their expressions are priceless. Of course the lips on the loner are quite lovely too ;)

yay about MIL! I think it was the scolding she got :)

I know you love your nephews, so have a great time with them.
And don't snow-shoe too hard. Although I'll bet it's great for the glutes!

I'm bracing for the big storm. Woooo-hoooo, bring it on!


Debra Kay said...

I think of you ever time I see fishes. What is 7 fishes, sounds like something edible and yummy.

Lolo can have my snow if she wants it.

Lynn said...

love the fish...isn't color wonderful? They wake up brightly painted.

Do you celebrate both holidays then? My DH isn't Jewish either, but Christmas has never been a big deal to him, although we did celebrate it with his family in MN the last many years when his mom was alive. This will be the first Christmas in a long time we will be alone togehter which is fine with me and him too I think.

Enjoy your nephews, as I know you will...and your snow trek too.

soulbrush said...

absolutely blooming mahvellous, that's what i think of your fishies. i am sedning you and t lotsa good happy thoughts for a peaceful xmas and a very happy new year.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Happy to hear good news on the MIL front. I hope she continues to get better. Great fishies no matter how you did them. Today was that kind of day. lots of lazing around and watching cute movies on TV.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...
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Michele said...

Zoe is still looking at the fish with me and she said "that Ms Mim is a nice girl. She's Shamuka", which I'm told by Zoe and her friends is a good thing. : )