Sunday, December 20, 2009

One Word Sunday - SNOW

Started after midnight, don't think it'll be as bad as the weather service originally said.

Beautiful outside, lovely to be inside.


Bea said...

I think it is so wonderful that so many of my friends are sharing my winter with me. Beautiful pictures.
Stay warm. I think there should be some Ms Em picture about this snow, don't you? lol :)Bea

Cat said...

what lovely scenery! no snow here in Florida... :) stay warm and inspired by the beauty that surrounds you!

kj said...

where is my snow, mim?!

jb and i left boston early last night to get home before the snow and NOTHING this morning! i psyched myself up for a cozy blizzard outside, a cozy fireplace and christmas tree inside, cocoa, cards and presents, maybe even some baking. but no snow!!

another lesson to ride the horse in the direction she's going. :)

have a wonderful day, mim. xoxoxo!

studio lolo said...

Beautiful Mim!

Well, RI had an official blizzard. The snow is still coming down. Emma the wonder dog would have NO part of the deep white stuff so she peed on the porch because we couldn't find the steps!
I trekked out to the bird feeders to uncover them because they were completely buried. The snow was up to my knees!

I came in and had a warm cup of coffee and a ginger snap. All is right with the world now :)

Hey, word veri is : compadr

katie jane said...

Ooo, so pretty, but I'm really glad we didn't get that much. Hope it doesn't stop you from getting around.
I love your fish cards. You are really so good at fish drawings. Wonder how come?

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Oh how beautiful. No snow here. Its been a balmy 59 lately. with lows in the 40ies. Soon to change but nice none the less. I do hope for a little bit of snow as I love seeing it for a nano second. LOL
Oh I got your lovely card in the snail mail yesterday late. Already had blogged my paintings or would have posted it. THANK YOU. Always love a Mim painting on anything. I wish you a great new year with hopes of some not to boring down time. :))

Lynn said...

I thought you were showing us old Christmas cards...such lovely scenes! Love seeing it from here in CA. LOL Not a snow bunny myself, but pretty from a far.

Stay warm and cozy indoors today...and be safe when you have to venture out. Did you take your snow shoe trek?

Mim said...

KJ - I can't believe you didn't get snow! it must have been a coastal storm.

No treks outside yet, but this is one time that I am glad to be staying home, warm and cozy

Baino said...

It seems it's snowing all over America and Europe . . just about everywhere but here! Gorgeous to look at I agree!

PAK ART said...

Those pics are just beautiful! I love the snow, I just wish that it didn't last as long as it does here. Still, Christmas without snow would be hard for me to comprehend.

Michele said...

I'm so jealous. I really wish we would get some snow here. Enjoy it for me : )

marianne said...

Now that's a winter wonder land!
We have just a little here, but enough to get a white Christmas feeling!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I can just see you tromping around in those snow shoes. What a beautiful sight. I am glad it wasn't as bad as they forcasted. It usually isn't.

Debra Kay said...

I like other people's snow best of all.

I also am hereby stealing KJ's phrase-ride the horse in the direction it is going.