Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Houses thru the ages and a lovely day

I did these little house/home drawings on the plane last weekend, thinking I would use them for one of the traveling journals, but when I got them home and finished they didn't work at all for what I was thinking. Different sizes, and all together not what was planned. But I like them, they're cute. I'd like to add Castle, and Victorian house, and other styles, so as I collect pictures of those, and draw, I'll add them to the collection.

Don't know what I'll do with it, but who really cares. was a big day. KJ was visiting Lolo and I decided to meet them down in Rhode Island. KJ decided it would be great if it was a surprise for Lolo, and told her that she had a delivery coming in the afternoon. I made it no problem the 50 miles to RI, but the last mile or so confused the hell out of me - probably because I had the wrong address! Finally I called KJ, turned out that I was literally across the street from lolo's house, KJ still pretending that I was a delivery person, I knocked on the door. Lolo answered, said sweetly "can I help you?" then shrieked MIM and the hugs began. We had a lovely afternoon, talking and eating and snuggling with Sweet Emma the wonder dog. I can't explain fully the feeling of meeting someone that you "know" in another way - it's just delightful. You're new to each other but start off with a history and while there is a ton to learn about each other, the common interest and other common friends adds such a note of depth. It was really a wonderful day, and I look forward to more with these two and certainly with others.


PAK ART said...

I've gotten to meet one of my blogger friends. I was flying through DC to visit my daughter so I arranged ahead of time to just have lunch. It was wonderful. How great for you guys to live not so far apart!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Wonderful surprise. I would faint if someone turned up on my doorstep like that. Ha... Love your homes too.

studio lolo said...

Mim, I love these homes. I think you're onto something here!

Yesterday was magical! I think Emma misses you ;)

Thank you so much for making my day. I'm a hard one to surprise but you two sure did it! I did crack up that you were across the street though!
I'm afraid I made fun of you on Emily's post. I think she brings the 'bad' out of everyone ;P

Thanks again Mim. I'm still smiling!


Bea said...

Love the little houses. What a great surprise! You've already started your NYR haven't you! Meeting up with people! :)Bea

Renee said...

Sounds wonderful Mim.

That kj what a rascal. I bet Laurel was thrilled to pieces.


Teri C said...

The meeting with Lolo actually brought tears to my eyes. What a fabulous xperience.

Love those houses.

sukipoet said...

oh wow. what a fun surprise and great day for you all, for sure.

Lynn said...

Aren't you all closes to Suki too? How I envy that meet up! Too sweet!
Happy for the three of you.

The house series could become a book I think...perhaps Ms Em could visit through time??? They are all wonderfully done.

caseytoussaint said...

I agree - I've met a few blogger friends and its quite an experience. I hope to meet you someday!
I love the little houses, whatever you do with them.

soulbrush said...

cute drawings, nothing like ms em for me. aaaaw i am sooo thrilled that you all met at last, and i KNOW what it feels like to KNOW someone immediately, because i felt this way when i met YOU (seems like yesterday)!

Debra Kay said...

Oh Mim-it makes me happy to think of the three of you curled up and giggling-I think it's just what everyone needed!

kj said...

well! i would just like to go on record as saying that my feelings and affection for you were totally and completely confirmed.

notice to universe: mim is the real deal.

ps it was awesome awesome

Mim said...

You ain't too bad yourself KJ - what a fun time!

Baino said...

Jealous jealous jealous! I'd love to play but I'm so far away. Very happy that you had a lovely day with the girls after your recent trials and tribulations. Is this the first time you've met? Wonderful.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

OH how fun to surprise her that way. And how fun to get to meet each other. I have met a couple bloggers so far and its kind of surreal in a way. Love the house series too.

katie jane said...

Like finally meeting your "pen pal" that you've written to for ages! How fun!

marianne said...

Lovely houses!
You know I love your watercolors, the fish are great too!!!
What fun that surprise for Lolo!
Must have been so special like you described.

Enjoy Christmas Mim. Do you have ato work much?
Hope you will have some time off!

Glad you liked the mandala I sent you :)