Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas cards

I've been writing Christmas cards, altho this year I am writing less due to time constraints. But I noticed that I write the same thing over and over again which is "hope to see you this year" and "let's try to get together soon".

I'm sick of writing that. This year I'm going to make the effort to actually SEE those people that I am so fond of, wish I could see, hope to have dinner with.

I like these friends. Some live far away and it's impractical to plan to get together on a regular basis. But there are people who live within 20 miles that we haven't seen in years, often talk to on the phone but can't "find the time" to get together and have brunch, or dinner. What's up with that? Are we all so bloomin' busy that we can't take an evening to see old friends?

I have a million things to do this week, as you might imagine. Laundry to be finished. Presents to be wrapped. Presents to be BOUGHT!! Cards to finish. But I'm going to carve out time to see some friends because if I don't do it now...I never will. Something is always waiting in the wings to distract me.

I don't want to wait for a tragedy to hit and have to say "I wish I had seen them one more time". Nope...2010 is going to be the year of leaving the "wish we could get together" behind and substituting "it was so great to see you" and I plan to start this today.....story tomorrow!!


Bea said...

Sometimes it just takes one person to contact a group and say, "Hey, on the third Thursday of the month we are going to meet at such and such a place. Really, Really hope to see you there. GIRLS NIGHT OUT!
I did it for my group and boy do we have fun. We all picked favorite resturants and we mix it up. :)Bea

Lynn said...

I wrote the same thing to a couple we have been friends with for 30 yrs but our lives have somehow become too complicated to get together any more. Not right. Not okay, I too am determined to change this. Hope they agree. I know our " going out time" is mostly with family lately. And we stay home the rest of the time. Or almost.
Is this an age thing? Oy!!!! It's not like we have a ton of friends either...but it sure would be nice to spend more time with the few we do have.

kj said...

And so it was.

And so it shall be.

I want to hold on to you for a long long time


studio lolo said...

Well my dear, you made this girl's day by living up to that!
OMG, how wonderful to see you in MY a gift!!

I can't thank you enough for going out of your way to make today happen. We don't live that far away Mim. And Emma is completely smitten with you! So let's get together a couple of times a year (at least.) Your smile lit up my day.
Thank you!! (That KJ, what a sweetie to set this up!)

katie jane said...

I know what you mean. I have family and in-laws that live only an hour away and I see them maybe once or twice a year. Is that sad or what? I know I work too much. It's hard working six days a week and then having to catch up on all the housework on Sunday. I'm always tired, and I really don't have time to visit. I hope to remedy that next year, too. I want to try to cut down to working part-time. We'll see if I can make that happen. Life IS too short!

Debra Kay said...

People and connection are what make us human-and I think we forget that in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. Wait, the hustle is part of being human too, but it's not the part I want to spend my time on.

PAK ART said...

That is a great affirmation for this coming year! I too don't take the time out of busy schedule to see people I want to see, but somehow I have time for lots of crap TV. What's up with that?

sukipoet said...

sounds like a good focus for the new year and right now too as you have begun it w/the Rhode Island visit

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