Friday, January 15, 2010

An Award

Michele gave me this award and it truly is sweet of her and absolutely cracks me up for a few reasons. Firstly because I am sitting here at 6:00 am in my ratty pink plush warmy winter bathrobe - and believe me, I ain't good lookin' in this thing. Secondly because my DH adores Marilyn. She's been his pinup girl from the time he was a BABY! Really!! I have two funny pictures of him as a little tyke - one where he is looking at an airplane as tho' it were a god and the other one with a picture of MM in the background, I think he is guarding her. In both pictures he is about 2 or 3 years old. And now he is a pilot and has been for 30 years and for Christmas I gave him a Marilyn calendar and some collector "Marilyn Merlot". He adores her movies, we have watched "Some Like it Hot" and "Gentlemen prefer Blonds" about a million times. And scene where she sings "Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend"? - send him off into movie heaven. (I won't get started on the social and political thoughts about her sad life, diamond mining, women in the 50's etc. - not here, not now)

So thank you Michele.

The rules:
1.Thank the person who gave you the award
2. Link the peron who gave it to you
3. Keep it going and give the award to whomever you would like.

I am only following the first two rules, and since all my friends are glamorous and gorgeous - you ALL get this award. So go ahead and embrace your inner Marilyn!!!


Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Oh MY Gosh. My Mother was a Marilyn Manroe fan.. She went to the Beauty shop one day in my youth and came back with a blond hair do like Marilyns. She looked pretty darn good with it too. :)I am going to accept this award in memory of her. ;)

soulbrush said...

what a fun award, given to a fun person. tee hee i loved 'some like it hot' one of the best films ever made, with jack lemmon and tony curtis. thanks i will too.

studio lolo said...

Okay, I totally see you in that robe Mim!

Too funny about DH, the plane and MM. At least he had his priorities right!! He knew he coulda landed the plane, but Marilyn?

A guy can dream!

Besides, he got the right girl ;)

Barbara/myth maker said...

Great award, congrats!

Lynn said...

What a fun story! Nice that you are not jealous. My DH has heart throbs too. He has a big thing for Jamie Lee Curtis! LOL
Shush, I didn't tell.

Michele said...

LOL. I too was relaxing in my ratty PJs when I got the award. Maybe we're like Glamour in the rough kind of gals : )

BT said...

Oh I laughed at the thought of you in that robe, then realised I'm wearing my oldest gardening trousers that have more patch and darn than material!! Good story.

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