Monday, January 4, 2010

Keeping a sense of humor

An interesting start to the New Year from Calamity Em.

Flew home from Florida - plane delayed two hours but since I knew it was going to be bad weather at home, I really can't complain about that. I'm just glad we got in to Logan - even if it was 1:00 am. I had a car service pick me up, and he got a flat tire on the way home. OK....they sent another car to pick me up and I got home at 2:30 - not so bad.

The house seemed a bit chilly when I got in, and I found that the furnace was not working. Now I know what it takes to solidify olive oil - as mine was completely solid on the kitchen counter. The house was 43 degrees downstairs and 41 upstairs. Conferred with DH, down in Florida still, about what to do, after an hour we gave up, turned on as many back up systems as I could, and slept in the living room in front of the fire. It was actually quite cozy and comfortable - but I'm hoping for a fix on the damn furnace soon.

So...the way I see if is this. If this is all fate throws at me - I can deal with these little irritations. Keep the big nasty stuff to yourself mr. fate, and let me laugh at these little inconveniences. I could afford to fly home commercially. I got two nice guys to drive me home. I have a house that needs heating.

What more can one person ask for? It's a good start!


Lynn said...

All I can say is OY VEY!!!!!

Oy VEY!!!!!!

ElizT said...

Very philosophical!
Wishing you warmth.

Teri C said...

Geesh and I thought Wisconsin was cold! Great attitude Mim and being in front of the fire sounds great.

I started my NY day helping out my neighbor at 4:30 am, going to be an interesting year!

soulbrush said...

oh no, double oy vey! this is not happening!

Bea said...

Good attitude. You stress about what you have control over which these days seems to be less and less, the rest of the stuff, it works itself out. :)Bea

Baino said...

I have never in my life seen solid olive oil! The trouble with 'minor' irritations is that if there's enough of them the get a bit overwhelming. Here's hoping the worst you have is a dodgy furnace and an open fire!

sukipoet said...

yikes. an uncomfortable homecoming but you seem to have a good attitude about it all.

katie jane said...

OK, if you say so. Hope things get even better from this point out.
P.S. I think I'd have checked into the nearest hotel for the night. :)

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Wow.. solid olive oil. Now thats cold. Hope you got it fixed today.
Good thing for your fire place.

Stampmaiden said...

I've seen solid olive oil too but only because it was misplaced in the fridge!!! Well, it happens. Interesting post and I must say that it makes me feel good to know I'm not alone in unexpected "pleasures." Good attitude, Mim. Happy New Year.

studio lolo said...

Compared to the past year this was a cakewalk for you!

I hope the heater is fixed by now though. It's different when you're all snuggled in blankies!

Here's a warm hug ;)