Thursday, March 18, 2010

Miss Em and the Crow

Miss Em woke up one day feeling a bit sad and lonely - but when she looked out the window she saw a beautiful crow flying straight towards her window. (She thought it was a crow but maybe it was one of those fancy crows called raven; she really didn't know the difference). The crow finally made it to Miss Em's house and while she seemed a bit tired, she also seemed very glad to be at that house.

She let the crow land right on her hand and they became instant friends - going everywhere together - friends forever. Her crow was funny, and sometimes baudy, but always loving and cheerful and direct. She seemed to know Miss Em inside and out, Miss Em wondered if she was real could a crow know so much about her? But Miss Em just decided to enjoy her new friend.

Every day, Miss Em would rush home from work, and talk to her friend. But after a while, Miss Em noticed that the poor crow was feeling sick, and needed some bandages and TLC.

She took the crow to the vet, who told her that a cage might help, and to keep the crow warm and dry...but otherwise there was nothing that he could do.

She gave her friend her a lovely cage to live in, but the crow got sicker and sicker. She was still a fun companion, and they still laughed together, and talked about all kinds of things - but it was obvious that poor crow was not doing well living with Miss Em.

Finally, Miss Em realized that she had to let the crow fly away in order to get better. She was sad but it really was all for the best, wasn't it? The crow agreed with her, and got ready to leave. She didn't have much to take with her....just friendship and love - which was enough.

She opened the window and the crow flew away high into the beautiful blue sky. Miss Em waved and waved and then just watched as her friend flew towards the sun.


Chrisy said...

Yes. Letting go is difficult. Thank you.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

A beautiful way to express that letting go that is so difficult for us to do.

studio lolo said...

Freedom is love Mim.
"If you love it let it go."
I forget what that quote is a part of.
And maybe now you understand my love for crows and ravens.

This is amazing and beautiful. I'm going to keep coming back to see it ;)

studio lolo said...

Okay, I was thinking about Renee when I read this and thought perhaps that was your reference. Afetr reading your comment at KJ's I know now.

Yesterday we both said how we agreed that Renee's passing was hard on you. And you have a friend who's losing her hair, your dear airplane mechanic has cancer and a plethora of sad and heavy issues you've been dealing with for over a year including a gravely ill MIL and the loss of your own father.

Please take care of my friend Mim in all of this okay? I'm kind of fond of her ;)

Mim said...

yes,it has been quite a year in the miss em household but we are OK, we really are. I'm even "OK" with Renee - was just very fond of her and have lost too many friends over the past few years...I treasure those I am fond of/close to/whatever (hint, hint).
You take care of you all too!!!

PAK ART said...

This is beautiful. I do love Miss Em. She says things so beautifully.

Lilacrobin said...

Dear Mim, your beautiful entry made me both cry and smile. And, you now have your entry for Renee's book!

I have been reading your blog for a while and always enjoy your posts. I don't have a blog yet - although both Renee and KJ have told me I should start one...perhaps one day.

I want to leave you with a quote from one of my favourite poet/writers: Rainer Maria Rilke.

"We need, in love, to practice only this: letting each other go. For holding on comes easily; we do not need to learn it".


♥ Robin ♥ from San Francisco

Mim said...

Thank you Robin - what a lovely comment.
and to everyone else, thank you too.

Lynn said...

Mim, this is another book. I hope you publish it. I was thinking of your launching your nephews when I read it. (not that they are sick, but transistioning from one phase of needing taking care of to becoming fully independent in the world at large)...I can see sharing this with clients. Please publish.

Hugs for all the parts of you that needed to write/draw/paint this "book".

Teri C said...

Beautifully said and beautifully illustrated. Sniff

Debra Kay said...

Someone's pet crow came to live on my acreage for awhile. He'd sit on the fence and talk to me and sometimes let me pet him. He liked shiney things (kind of like Oliver).

I felt bad for his "people" but not for the crow-that was one happy little feller.

soulbrush said...

i knew this was for dear renee right away.

kj said...

mim, i've copied this for inclusion in the Renee Love Book.

she's looking over my shoulder this very minute telling me she loves ms. em and this story and telling me to tell you i love you.


adee said...

love is a cage, that u build around ur loved ones, but it is so big a space, that their whole world can fit in...

Lori ann said...

this must be one of the lovliest illustrations i've ever seen. your soft colors and lines, your words, the raven.

i imagine that anyone that loves someone or something can relate to this. it reminds me of kahil gibrans brilliant poem about children.

and it makes me think of renee. it's really beautiful mim. thank you for sharing here.
xo lori

Michele said...

I was pulled in like only a good book can do ... you do need to write a book and of course you'd do the illustrations yourself. Maybe Miss Em would consider writing a children's book?

marianne said...

Just beautiful!

take care!

Susan said...

So beautiful and touching Mim, both the story and illustrations - perfect for Renee's book.

Cat said...

what a beautiful tribute to love, friendship and to saying goodbye. the hardest thing we ever have to do is letting go of someone we love.

hugs to Miss Em, she is an angel herself!


Baino said...

I knew straight away this was a tribute to Renee and a happy warm one at that. Lovely little story Mim.

Katiejane said...

Well, aren't you cute? Lovely little story. Maybe children's books is your thing. Ever consider it? You'd be great.

Barbara/myth maker said...

Oh my, I love this story so much, and the tender illustrations, too.

kj said...

i am back to say that there are so many people here that i love that it's extra double fun just to read the comments.

ah mim. you rock and roll.

your faithful pal and partner in outrageous crime
ms. kj