Monday, March 1, 2010

Just trying to my body messages

( This is a bit of a whiny post, and after writing it I decided to go back and add these wonderful pictures. It's OK to whine, but really - I have a hell of a wonderful life and I really do enjoy most of every minute...even the stressful whiny times. )

Last weekend we went to the DeCordova museum in Lincoln, Ma - which has an outdoor sculpture garden, and I just wanted to share some of the photos. The one above is called "Pine Sharks" and is my all time favorite, the sharks are made of old appliances and they are wired between these pine trees. They swim above you, moving with the wind and are just amazing!
The one below is a great rock with the face on one side and regular rock on the other side.

Now the whiny part:

Last week was a very long, involved week at work - lot's of moderating, and facilitating and discussions and re-reading interesting things like statistical analysis documents. I was ready for the weekend! I came home on Friday night from my drawing class, which really is a bit of a challenge for me - it really is. I don't have confidence about doing this yet and that can get a bit nerve-wracking. On the way home I talked to mom about planning our trip to Italy this summer and who is going to go where etc. Walked in the house and DH asked about my night and my week and my discussions with mom and suddenly - boom - my back went into spasms. Clearly a case of nerves and a stress. I took some relaxing pills and started acting like a zombie and scared poor DH half to death.

So we took it easy on Saturday, but did go to NH for the Basketball game that a nephew was in (they won, and he played like a genius) and that was fun and great. Yesterday we went for a walk in the woods, thru gorgeous snow covered hills - it was a treat. We even got to stop at an antique store where I got all kinds of interesting goodies. Some photo's below of the walk thru the Mountain Laurels and proof that it is not yet spring here in the Northeast!!

An amazing ice formation over a huge rock. The color went from amber to blue - this photo is a bit out of focus but isn't it gorgeous?

Just some snow covered trees. I have been taking pictures with my Blackberry and it really isn't so good, I wish I'd had the regular camera.

So what is the point of this post? It's that I have to focus over the next month or so, and get a shitload of stuff completed and off my plate. I am mailing out (actually DH does the mailing, bless his heart) today 3 ArtShine books and a ArtySoulSister one; two Linus project blankets, a postcard and an ATC. I have to work on the recipe book for my cousin as his wedding is coming up quickly. I am relinquishing any control over this Italian trip - let my SIL and DH make all the plans but I want to brush up on my Italian. You can see that my focus is out of focus, and I must change that so that my back doesn't seize up again and put me down for the count.

Periodically I go thru this phase where things start to pile up and I get over committed. I do manage to get thru it and will this time also but something has to give. So, if you don't see me commenting or posting as much as usual, just know that it's because I'm:
1) going crazy at work - big projects, reviews due, new hire to train.
2) learning Italian
3) working on a recipe book
4) finishing committed artwork
5) trying to keep my neglected friends
6) traveling for work.
7) remembering that I really do enjoy it all!!!


love ya all my patient friends.


marianne said...

O my... sounds a bit like my life sometimes./........but other things going on.
Things pile up here as well, but I know after my trip to Chicago it will be better (I hope)

Take care!
Beautiful pics!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Be sure to work some time in for yoursel. We don't want that back to go out. Take care.

Cat said...

I know how you feel. I do the same thing! Always over-commit. Then stress out! Be kind to yourself and I hope your back feels better soon!!


Anonymous said...

NO! i cannot endorse this plan!!

what's more important than whiney friends?

NO! this is very selfish! and where are the frozen vegetables?


sincerely yours,


studio lolo said...

Ciao Bella!!!

Please do whatever you need to do and prioritize your life. You should be at the top of that list ;)

We'll be here.

Susan said...

Beautiful photos Mim - so glad you were able to relax over the weekend despite your tough week. I over-committ constantly - it's so tough when you want to save the world!

Hang in there and take it slow when you can, hope your back is feeling much better!

Lynn said...

For some reason this does not sound like a whine to me. It sounds like life has piled up like the snow banks outside and you are inudated with too much STUFF to do.
I would HOLLAR/SCREAM/and probably want to go into hibernation and not come out until the sun shone and every leaf turned green and every flower bloomed bightly!

So please take care of yourself!!!!
If we miss you we miss you, but will feel better knowing you are being gentle with yourself.

That was a lot of art your DH is mailing out for you today!
You have my validation that you are doing too much and agreement that you need to pull back some.

Just BE WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!
We'll be here when you get back.
How great that you get to go to Italy! Wow. Don't forget your REAL camera!!!

The photos here were fun to see, especially that rock with the face in the snow.

Debra Kay said...

I can relate. For some reason, when I get gimpy and overwhelmed, I tend to commit MORE rather than less-stress reaction I reckon.

I'm trying not to commit to anything more than I already have, and am working on rearranging some of my priorities based on *gasp* physical constraints.

There I said it. I don't like it-but the truth is, my body is banged up a bit and I'm going to have to reevaluate. I'd rather do that that pound it into nothingness.

soulbrush said...

let me try
ciao bambino, bellisima, umm useless.....i KNOW i KNOW, we do it to ourselves, it's our A type personalities, it's our wanting to 'taste life' in all its forms, it's madness.
i'll stop if you maybe i won't, but i'll nag you to take it easier, then if you do i will.

Katiejane said...

Ain't life grand? This sounds like my life all the time. Have a large glass of wine and everything will look completely different :)
Just take it one thing at a time. It's all anyone can expect.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Yes let a few things go that dont matter that much. Better to do that then go up in a poof of smoke never to be heard from again. :))
When is this trip to Italy supposed to happen? wow.. how fab!!!

Baino said...

Nothin a packet of peas won't fix. And as whiny posts go . .your a n00b! Please let me know about your Italian plans. Clare and I are planning a week in September as a side trip from France and I haven't a clue! You are the mistress of your own destiny. Do what you can and fob off to others what drives you mad! And your drawing is much better than you give yourself credit!

ArtistUnplugged said...

First....the pics are absotlutely lovely! Most importantly, understand, just let go of what you can, calmly work through the list and know that your blog friends are thinking of you and area always here for you. Take care of your back!

PAK ART said...

That rock pic and the pine sharks are great. I love recycled art. Hope your back is feeling better. Soul said what I'm thinking - us artist types, although not always organized, seem to think we can do more than the regular folks. I know my main problem is not honestly assessing how much time it takes to do stuff.

Michele said...

I know exactly how you feel sweetie ... hang in there. This too shall pass : )