Monday, March 8, 2010

Spagetti Legs and Silly Me!

This was the scene last weekend when we went for a hike in the woods. It was truly gorgeous, with tunnels of snow covered laurels, deep quiet, and serene landscapes. But this week we had 50 degree weather and we decided it was time to go for a bike ride. Our local bike trail still has snowy icy patches so we decided to go south to Rhode Island. DH did all the planning as usual, while I spend the morning catching up on stuff, and I just got in the car and actually went to sleep for the ride to RI. When we got there, he showed me the map and oh my...we were right near Lolo's house!!! And I didn't have her phone number with me!!!! I felt such a fool for not having called in advance so tried to email - nothing was working.

The pond below was right after the start of the trail - I can imagine this in the spring with all the trees showing green. There were ducks and geese galore!

See how clean and non-snowy the trail is? It was a pleasure to ride on, but also very busy with walkers, roller skaters, bikers.

It is a 13 mile trail, and this is the beach near the end. By this time I was so hot I was ready to take a dip! We realized that it was getting late and we needed to get back before dark. Note: I had said "let's go back" at about the 7 mile point - I thought 14 miles was pretty decent. DH is a great one for pushing out that last tiny bit of effort and he "persuaded" me to keep going but by 13 miles I was pretty tired. And we had 13 miles back.
So yes...I did the 13 miles back - what was my choice? I kept checking my email to see if Lolo had responded, then maybe I could have stopped at her house and waited for DH to get back to the car and come and pick me up - but no email (sob, sob). The wind was in our faces the whole way back and it was getting COLD. But...I did it. First ride of the year - done!

So today I have spaghetti legs; sore as heck (but yes...they really do feel good). I took it easy last night and watched the Oscars and knitted.

Moral of the story? Call your friends before you are right near their houses! and be ready for a marathon ride when with Mr. DH Olympian.


soulbrush said...

13 miles, my god, i couldn't even do i mile. good for you, go girl.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

That is a long way for a first ride. I can hear the huffing and puffing.

Barbara/myth maker said...

Whew! Makes me tired just reading about it! What a ride.

studio lolo said...

There are two things I can't believe.
1) You rode 26 miles!!!!

2) You were so close yet we didn't hook up. I'm crying in my coffee this morning :(

Next time Mim! Next time for sure.

Lynn said...

Next time take an address book of blog friends no matter where you are going no matter what! It's like a lifeline...we are EVERYWHERE!

Twenty-six miles? Are you insane?
Oy vey, I ache just hearing this.
You are in amazing shape! Both of you! I bow down to you! Now If I can get out of this chair and make it to the kitchen counter to fix my bowl of cereal I'll be doing great!

Have a good day. I hope you get to rest a bit.

PS I can't wait to hear about the bike ride to the Cape to visit Suki in her new house! ;-)

Susan said...

Wow Mim 26 miles! Do you realize you did a marathon? Sounds very painful, but you did great, looks like a gorgeous day!

Katiejane said...

You're amazing! 26 miles round trip??? I would have more than spaghetti legs; I would be hospitalized! You're a brave soul.

Baino said...

13 miles! That's about 27 kilometres . .marathon effort Mim . .well done but you'd never know it was chilly looking at your photos. I wish I had spaghetti legs instead of jetty stumps.

sukipoet said...

you are great Mim. I am so unathletic. yes, i call riding a bike without falling off athletic. although i love to walk on bike trails.