Saturday, March 13, 2010

Miss Em Wears a Hat

A good friend of mine is losing her hair. No...not from chemo - it just started thinning and coming out in clumps.

L has always had the thickest hair you can imagine, and since she is a full-of-energy type of person, her hair was often flyaway and wild and so much fun. About 6 months ago she noticed that it was thinning - and it's been all downhill from there. She and her family do have alot of autoimmune things going on, so maybe it's that - but it's tough for a woman - and a woman in business - to be losing her hair.

She got a wig recently and in all honesty, it looks gorgeous on her - an adorable cut and she really looked terrific. But she was off to babysit her first grandson and worried what would happen if he pulled on it and it came off - she didn't want to traumatize him. We talked about hats, so I went home and knit up two for her in soft, soft yarns. One is a pink recycled cashmere and one is a turquoise blue soft cotton. No photo's cause I can't find my camera.

She and her husband are great Miss Em fans, so of course, Miss Em is getting her wig and hat fix in the cartoon.

My nephews are coming over today to work on my basement ceiling and to just have some fun! Can't wait to see them and am off to the grocery store to stock up.

Have a lovely Saturday

post: found this in the Winnipeg Free press. Our friend.


ArtistUnplugged said...

I love Miss Em, that's an awful thing to be happening with your friend but you are a real friend to make those hats for her! I know you are happy to have this week behind you and looking forward to those nephews...don't those boys put away some food? Enjoy your weekend as well, friend.

Cat said...

Miss Em is adorable! I'm sure you're friend has seen her Dr. but, just in case...thyroid problems do cause hair loss too. I watched it happen to my sister.

I love hats! So sweet of you to make them and I know she will be very thankful.

Have a great weekend!

studio lolo said...

I remember reading an article about alopecia and was so surprised to hear how many women are affected by it. Hopefully she has a good medical team. I know she has a good friend ;)

I love Ms. Em! ♥
have a blast with the boys. I know how much you adore them!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Ms Em is so sympathetic I know this will help cheer your friend. Buy lots of groceries. Working boys need lots of fuel. Have fun.

Mary said...

love your sweet drawings and the sweetness you give your friend ;-)

Lynn said...

A client of mine has "Alopecia areata which is an immune disease that affects almost 2% of the population in the United States. This type of hair loss appears in various degrees of severity..." I Googled, it just now, therefore the quote, and you and/or your friend can do the same to learn more about it. My client now wears a wig full time as she unfortuantely lost all hair on her head and body.

My heart goes out to your friend as this is a hard adjustment (I would imagine). I doubt the baby would be traumatized, rather he might find it funny should he pull the wig off.)

Ms Em is doing a lovely job of adding a bit of heartfelt humor to the situation. Well done. And sweet of you to make such lovely/loving hats for her.

Teri C said...

You are such a good friend Mim and your little sidekick is also a good bud. Such a trauma for your friend. I bet the grand would think it was hilarioius-kids see things so clearly.
Good luck to her.

marianne said...

Loosing your hair as a woman can be such an intense experience. I have a friend who turned completely bold and she doesn't like it.
So nice of you to make those hats, they sound wonderful and Ms Em is a good model.
Kids will e=accept her the way she is more easily then grown ups.

Have a nice Sunday!

Debra Kay said...

That would be tough. Being "different" in any way is tough.

Michele said...

There are a large # of women in my community who cover their hair for religious reasons. Some wear very cute hats and some wear very expensive wigs. Either way I think it's a fun idea to do something different like that ... although I could not be "faithful" enough to cover my hair all of the time ... I have bought a few cute hats and I'm tempted by the wigs. I could have a totally different look. I like it : )