Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Animal Wednesday - postcards

I had some blank watercolor postcards and have been painting them up for the YArT sale. The first is my favorite image - that of the "underground snake/dragon - danger ahead - watch out" image!

The second - a fish - whose image I saw somewhere on a card and copied as I liked his teeth

Now this one I blatantly copied from an image that I have from another artist - whose name I don't know as the card isn't signed. I don't do it justice - her's is gorgeous. I have found that the way for me to learn to draw is to start by copying drawings or other images - get comfortable with that and then move onto drawing from photographs - and hopefully onto life drawing. But to keep it honest, I'm donating proceeds from these two to the "save the fishies and turtles" fund in the gulf.

Happy Animal Wednesday all - put your links below as usual - love that mr. linky


Lynn said...

No animals on my blog for Wednesday this week...just a hi from Henry...
I always love all your fish and the turtle is terrific if you ask me.
Good luck on the sales!!!!

AtelierBrigitte said...

Your postcards are wonderful - I love the colors in de background in the first one.


studio lolo said...

Oooh, I love all three!!

Mim, I think the Ripple Project is closed now. I read a post from Kelly Light saying she wasn't accepting any more artwork and that she would soon write a wrap-up post :(

I do think there would be takers ar yart though!

sukipoet said...

very lovely cant wait to see them in person be well, suki

Lisa at Greenbow said...

These are great. I like to see your imagination on a card, like the underworld dragon. I love your fishes too.

Marion said...

These will go quickly at any sale, Mim. I love the fish and his two teeth and of course the snake/dragon is fantastic!

Robin said...

Oooh....I love them all - but that Fish is WONDERFUL! (Luv his teethies..)


♥ Robin ♥

Annie said...

Mim, these are great! My fav is your snake dragon about ready to eat our little friend. It is wonderful! xoxo

marianne said...

Oh lovely cards all three!
Oh how I wish I could attend the Yart sale!
maybe next year!


Teri C said...

Oh what fun postcards Mim. There is just something about you and fish!


Katiejane said...

These are great, as usual.