Thursday, September 30, 2010

Table and Chairs...and more

First - a quilt for a friends soon-to-be-coming great niece. The pink stripes are a plush soft material and the back is blue flannel with a carrot pattern. (oh boy, is Emily going to be jealous!)

Then the dog bed with my well-behaved stone pet - sleeping happily away. I had fun with this bed - it's goldy and purple and just right for a tiny royal pup. I ended up with a pillow as a bed, with an easily washable fleece cover.

And the painted table and chairs. This was fun - and alot of work. I also learned a ton during this process about what paints to use, and freehand vs. stamping design.

I will bring these to Yart and see if they sell - if not...I have no idea what I'm going to do with them. Perhaps a consignment shop.....

On another note, I had some dental work yesterday on a tooth that my dentist didn't like the looks of on xrays. It didn't bother me but I figured that she knows what she's talking about...but right now I would welcome a root canal on this tooth that was feeling fine until she started in on it.



sukipoet said...

darling quilt and the furniture is sooo cute. to answer your question I will stay in a nearby b and b.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

The quilt is so sweet just like its intended will be. The furniture is cute. I don't think you will have to haul it back home. I hope your tooth doesn't ruin your weekend.

studio lolo said...

I think the dog bed and kid's table set will get scooped up!! I know the work that went into painting all those spokes! :P

The quilt is adorable. That baby will beg for naps :)

See you tomorrow!

Annie said...

I agree with Lo, the furniture is wonderful and it will sell fast. I used to paint furniture, and funny, it looks a lot like what you are doing, I quit though because it was so much work! I do miss it sometimes though because it was fun. Good luck with your tooth! Have fun at Kj's, wish I were going...

Lori ann said...

Now Mim,

what was that you were saying about me??

OH MY GOSH!! look at all you've done! these are fantastic! So beautiful and so much work involved, i know.

I can just picture happy children at that table and the puppy bed, it is beyond cute. They will sell, I'm sure. I really want to learn to make quilts like you do, can you recommend any beginner books?

I hope you take some pain medicine so your tooth won't bother, that is no fun at all.

Have a wonderful time this weekend, i can't wait to hear all about it.


Michele said...

These items are beautiful and will definitely sell. I have a cousin who used to paint furniture (mainly children's furniture) very similar to these and it's how she made a living ... that is before she got married, had 3 kids and became a stay at home mom. We were lucky enough to get a table & chairs, mirror, stepping stool and princess painting for Zoe before she retired. You can truly create a business off doing this alone. I love them all.

Lynn said...

I agree that some child, a dog and a baby are all going to be very very happy with the things you have made here.
The quilt it soft and adorable!
The bed is funny to me, but someone will want it.
And the kids chairs and table are precious! I would have bought them so another grandma will feel the same way.
Have fun at the Yart sale!!!! Take lots of photos please so I can go too! Thanks. Envious of you all being together!

Katiejane said...

This is why I like to steer clear of dentists and doctors. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!" is my motto.
Your dog bed and table and chairs are sooo cute! I'm sure they will sell in a heartbeat! Having fun is the main thing.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

I agree with Katiejane..if it aint broke.... Cute furniture.. it should all go quickly. Cant wait to hear all about it.

Amanda said...

hello there mim ---- so you will be at the YART event as well??? lucky you!!! have a grand the quilt, the table and chairs........and LOVE the dog bed -- omg that is fantastic!! stella will be so jealous!!

...and if this helps at all (misery loves company and all that ya' know) i've had a toothache since june and just yesterday the dentist said it was due to the filling he put in was not biting correctly!! so a little shaving with a drill and all was resolved -- I wish for your tooth problem to be solved as easily (and sooner than 4 months!!)


Anonymous said...

That is such a sweet quilt and I adore the little table set. Your color choices are wonderful. Thank you so much for visiting me thru Gina and we greatly appreciate your prayers. Have a nice weekend.

~Babs said...

Just fantastic painted furniture,
the quilt and bed both magical.
Who could resist buying?

Here's hoping you have a safe trip, that it doesn't rain,,,
oh, and yes, that you don't pee your pants!