Monday, September 6, 2010

Heading down to Florida again

Sat down last night to draw some pictures and this came out. Interesting, especially as I am heading down to Florida again today to spend the week with my MIL and various doctor visits. I'm not dreading it, which is good and hope to carve out some time for myself to work on some projects. DH laughs when I say that - he was there for two weeks and didn't have a moment to himself. But I think I'll manage something. I am bringing NO clothes - as I have enough stashed at Mom's house to last me for a long time. I AM bringing knitting, and a quilt that I am working on. And books. Maybe even time to redesign my blog!!

It struck me that I started off the summer giving up a Memorial day weekend to be with my mom during a minor surgical procedure that she had. I certainly didn't mind, altho' I was a tiny bit cranky about postponing some fun plans. And now here I am on Labor day, at the end of the summer, going back to be with MIL and all that she is going thru. And I am still a tiny bit cranky about giving up my vacation days to do this. So...what does this portend for the rest of the year? Who knows, and I can't plan ahead. Just try to go with the flow as much as possible.

Have a good week!!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I hope you can sew together enough snippets of time to feel like you have quilted a beautiful peace.

sukipoet said...

interesting drawing. i am glad you have your art, knitting and biking to keep you grounded. to feel resentful is quite normal I think. But despite this thought/feeling, you are going to help out another dear human who is going through a confusing and stressful time. In truth, we can never plan ahead with any certainty about anything. We just delude ourselves into thinking we can, we have to sometimes to "do" life. That is one of the hardest dichotomies I think. that we want the security of knowing, at the same time as life/the universe/god whatever flows on its own way regardless of our images of how we might like it.

well that was rather convoluted and long winded.

thinking of you as you travel. blessings, suki

Robin said...

I can't say much more than Suki wisely and eloqently stated... except if you do chnge your blog format, I will miss the current is definitely one of my favourites!

Safe travels, dear Mim....I am glad you are bringing projects to work on.... it will help you stay strong - and ultimately, that will help your MIL and also your DH back home.

We all love you ....

♥ Robin ♥

PAK ART said...

We don't always have choices in life and sometimes the path is not where we wanted to go. Having a personal project gives you back some control in what you are doing. You are a dear, kind and loving person! Hold fast. Carry on!

Marion said...

Wow, I wish I could doodle like this!

I'm so glad you were with your mom and now your MIL. You would possibly have felt quite badly if you could NOT have been there with them.

I really hope you will have time for your projects...and stay safe whilst travelling!

AtelierBrigitte said...

Good luck in Florida! Hope to see you back soon.

Lynn said...

I will share with you that I had many a "cranky day" when I was caring for my mom in our home for the last year and a half of her life.
I was no angel. I did what we chose and needed to do, but not always selflessly. I am not proud of this, but it is how it was. I am sure I had good days and was good to my mom as well. Not that I was Bad to her, just resentful of giving up what I wanted to do at times. Such is being human in my book.
I am glad you are taking projects and you will find time to do them in doctors waiting rooms, in the evenings, while sitting with her, etc. Take care, be gentle with yourself. This is NOT an easy time.

Lynn said...

Oh I saw the drawing as fish eating cancer cells!

marianne said...

Nice drawing Mim!
Hope your time in FL will be a good one and every moment you will have for yourself will be a gift. It won't be easy....but possible


Robin said...

Mim, I came back again...and couldn't believe when I saw Lynn's comment....because I, too, "saw the fish devouring the cancer cells"....

Remember to be good to yourself can't be a help to anyone if you let yourself become completely drained.


♥ Robin ♥

Mim said...

I saw this as a cell drawing picture also, I liked the imagery.

Lori ann said...

I loved what Suki said, I so agree. And what everyone else has said also, you'll do the best you can Mim. I love that knitting is portable (it's gotten me through many stressful times) and for the most part quilting too (i think).

studio lolo said...

yes!!! The fish are devouring the cancer cells and they each have a magic wand (to the right!)

Remember Bernie Segal and the visualization work he did with cancer patients? I wonder if he's still around.

I think this will be a special week Mim. Your MIL will find comfort in your company and I think you'll do some amazing inner reflection work as well as knitting and quilting ;)