Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Out of touch

My internet connection at home has bombed out.

My computer at work died a slow death.

I am on a borrowed computer at work.

So...no browsing time, no comments (or a low level anyway) from me until I get this all resolved....

And a phone call into a computer geek to help me out!!!


sukipoet said...

so frustrating these machines when they dont work. good luck

Robin said...

Arrgghh.....I feel your frustration! Losing your internet connection is the worst!!!

We miss you!!!!!


♥ Robin ♥

Lynn said...

I wondered where you were. Missing you. Hope this all gets sorted out very soon! I know the frustration of poor computer problems! I wish I could send Dave, my next door neighbor to you, he pops over at the drop of a call and fixes things up better than new in no time at all. My computer angel.

studio lolo said...

We sure are lost without our "connections!"

I hope your little snake made it to #15 ;)

See you when we see you!