Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Animal Wednesday - Beach animals and shoes

When we were at the beach this past weekend I took a quick picture of these gulls just floating on the water - I love they way they look so calm about it. Gulls amaze me with their ability to ride the waves, and fly so swoopingly and run on the sand. And who doesn't love the call of the gull - it is one of my favorite sounds. Okay, they can be a bit greedy - but they're upfront about it aren't they?

Right next to the beach was a huge Osprey nest - must be an old one and been used for years. No activity there now (brrr) but still...it was impressive.

When we stopped for coffee we saw this strange site on the sidewalk. Two shoes, perfectly placed, just waiting for their owner to step back into them. Odd innit?

Happy Animal Wednesday all


Annie said...

Lovely photos. That nest is very impressive indeed. The shoes are a mystery, probably someone sit them out there to make room in their car and then forgot them.
HAW! xoxo

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Wonderful photos. I wonder if Dorothy has grown up and they are her shoes which she is looking for.

Robin said...

Mim, great gull post! (I decided to theme mine to yours....)

Love the Osprey Nest....waiting for next year's occupants!

And, I guess those shoes belong to Cinderella...the clock must have struck midnight just as she was dashing in to meet her Prince! (She was fashionably late - and of course, was wearing black!



♥ Robin ♥

Lynn said...

The shoes make one think? Placed there on purpose? Someone find them ascue and place them so? Drunk lady got out of car last night and stepped out of them and forgot them? They walked there on their own? Who knows? Your size?
Waiting for Cinderella?

Love that nest!

Barbara/myth maker said...

I love the gulls, too.

That's a great shot of the shoes left behind. Makes one wonder.

AtelierBrigitte said...

Lovely pictures.
Strange, those shoes....

marianne said...

I just love that picture of those shoes !!!!! So intriguing!
Loved Robin's idea about it.

Happy Animal Wednesday!

Lisa M Griffin said...

Huh... what is up with those shoes? :)

studio lolo said...

The maroon trees above the water look great! The little gulls look chilly though. Brrrr.

Wicked Osprey nest!! I love how we've grought them back to great numbers again. (we, as if I helped!)

And those shoes. That's fodder for some good writing!

HAW Ms. Mim!♥

Amanda said...

you and robin are on the same wavelength with the gulls this week!!

and those shoes......where did she go? and why leave them there......don't you love mysteries?!

Katiejane said...

Well Mim, you know how much I love the beach, so these photos make me tingle. Hey, those are MY shoes! I have to run back to get them now. Or maybe Prince Charming will find me and we will live happily ever after. Riiight.

kj said...

those shoes are just about the best writing prompt i've ever seen. and i imagine painting/illustrating/creating prompt of any kind.

my father used to call me a seagull mim. i can't write it out why, i can't because it won't sound very good. the first part was that i could eat and squawk at the same time. the ending you will have to figure out for yourself

hee hee ♥