Monday, November 15, 2010

Official portrait of the Third Annual Foundations Club weekend

I have three friends who I've known since 1985. We've worked together, not worked together, gone thru pets, and babies, and grandbabies together. No divorces, but certainly marital strife. Good times and not so good times have hit us all. We started our own little club called "Foundations" - because all of us need foundation garments and it seemed like a funny name. (it's useful too, a quick phone call for a "foundies meeting" gets quick response)

The Four of us started going away for a weekend three years ago, because it's so hard to get together on a routine basis and we need to spend time together - to keep reconnecting. The first year we went to a house on Martha's Vineyard owned by M. It was a beach weekend, with good food and wine (one of us runs a wine store!). I started a tradition of doing an official "portrait" of us with this picture. Everyone LOVED it!

The second year, we went to Mo's house in NH, and did the hot tub and talked and learned to knit and drank wine (that seems to be a bit of a theme). It was a lovely weekend and a brief escape from my personal stress of a recently ill MIL.

And I did this picture - and everyone was nude in that Hot Tub.

This year only three of us could get away for the weekend, Mo's FIL got very ill and died over the weekend. It was sad because we missed her and the visit to the winery was based on her store so that was too bad....but as I've posted we had a lovely time. And here is my third annual portrait which has just gone out to everyone.

(I like us in color now that I look at all of them together - but it worked in this picture and wouldn't have in the others)

My girlfriends appreciate the pictures, always printing them and getting them framed. (as do other friends, amazing to me, but frame these things they do!)

Lovely to have good friends. Lovely.


sukipoet said...

a wonderful way to commemorate your adventures with your friends. so sorry about the one friend's FIL. sad. but good the rest of you carried on. friends are such a blessing, for sure.

ArtistUnplugged said...

Ohhhh, so much better than a snapshot!!! What a lovely group, good for your soul to have such friends. Thank you for sharing!

Marion said...

I'm so sorry one of your friends wasn't with you this year for your annual get-together. It's wonderful to have such long term friendships. I like the third drawing best...don't know why, except it seems softer, more vulnerable somehow, to me.

Thanks for posting these, Mim, they are all really lovely...and for the story behind them!

Robin said...

These drawing are all wonderful....and you can see a definite growth in your drawing skills in that third one... (and I don't mean because it is in colour)! I love that first one's got a bit of poignancy to it....and that hot tub one - ha-ha!

Such a personal, lasting tribute to four amazing friends! And...yes, I can understand why someone would want to frame them!

You are one talented lady!

Sending prayers for your friend's family....(and of course, continued prayers for your MIL).

Love, from already warm - 71 degrees (at 6:30 a.m.) San Francisco! Yippee!

♥ Robin ♥

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Your drawing lessons have improved your style in your portraits. I am loving this one a lot altho the other two were fab too. what a lovely memento for all of you. Sorry about Mo & her loss but I see you had her there in Vino Veritas. Cute :))

Lynn said...

What fun! Love that you shared with us this intimate group of girlfriends...and of course everyone is naked in the hot tub, how else? ;-)
I love each of the paintings. Each is special and has wonderful detail and feelings in it's own right. Does one friend have a bird that actually sits on her shoulder? Or did this bird just fly in for this art op?

Lori ann said...

It IS so very lovely to have good friends, and it's even lovelier to see such gratitude. You are blessed.
I LOVE these watercolors Mim! they are so amazing, what a way to commemorate the bond you all have. And they are so darn cute too. Well done!

kj said...

ah mim, so so sweet.

if i had these framed side by side i would be so over the top. how lucky you all are. i know how faithfully you treasure your friendships. i am lucky enough to have some of your art and some special drawings of ms em and i am lucky enough to know that i also am one of your friends and will have memories ahead with you and our wacky tribe.

one question: in that first illo, in the pail, are those fish distressed? do they need more water? hahaha!

love you mim. that's for sure.

Mim said...

funny story about the bird. Molly has never seen me panicked...just never the opportunity. Then we were in a store one day on LI and a big giant prehistoric bird flew onto my shoulder. I covered my face and moaned "get it off me, get it off me". I was shaking and Molly was astounded - she'd never seen me like that.
Well...she has now! I'm terrified of birds that fly around my head, truly terrified.

Baino said...

What a fabulous way to celebrate your weekend, your friends must be thrilled. I'm one of four foundation style friendships too and my three girls thrill me to the core. We're blessed.

studio lolo said...

I love all these commemerative drawings! And look what a great job you did on the green quilted jacket. I recognized it from previous posts :)

So sorry about your other friend. I'm sure you could totally relate. :'/ Def next year!

Naked?? I could never, ever. Whoa!

Maybe YART can be my foundation. I need one.

That bird thing cracks me up! I think we all have our fears, but who knew a bird would be yours. I like that you drew it anyway!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

What a wonderful gift for your friends.

Annie said...

Beautiful post. How lucky to have such wonderful girlfriends. I love you drawings of the events Mim, they are terrific. xoxo

ElizT said...

I have a touch of the bird horrors too, Mim, and I also have a wonderful bunch of long time friends, from printmaking days, though numbers have dropped rather. We meet on birthdays.

Katiejane said...

I've got some catching up to do here!
First, I think your portrait art is getting so GOOD! You have such a talent for drawing. And the little cards are very cute! I do like the newest one best. The colors are so appealing.
And last, I really like this elephant. I can imagine how heavy she must be and she cleaned up so nicely. I hope she brings you all kinds of good luck.

PAK ART said...

So wonderful to have good friends. I have a few myself and even though we don't spend daily time together, when we do, it's as if we've never been apart.

marianne said...

What a nice picture story!
And your paintings are getting better and better!
You capture the right essence in them!

Michele said...

Such cool portraits of you and friends. I really see a book in your future woman : )