Monday, November 29, 2010

Quick Post

This has been the craziest week ever. I got to Florida on Wednesday afternoon and immediately plunged into family drama. Thanksgiving was fine but MIL has been basically sleeping since then. Really. She get's up to eat a tiny bit and gets dressed but then sleeps all day. Then her caretaker had a terrific family emergency and dashed out of the house on Saturday night so I ended up spending the night on a pump up mattress - actually wasn't bad. Sat up until 2:00 am watching cheesy Christmas movies and finally went to sleep on the bubble.

But picture this. Sunday morning. Sun streaming thru the windows. MIL setting up the TV to play music and then falling asleep in her Barcalounger. Mim on the sofa in a robe (cause all I had with me for clothes were nasty used-yesterday biking clothes) knitting a scarf and listening to....EASY listening music. They played orchestral easy listening arrangements of "Raindrops on my Head" and versions of "Wind under my Wings" and " If I were a Carpenter" and so on. Do you get the picture? Are you laughing as much as I did? I sat there and thought..."This is a movie"!!

Then all day Sunday looking and interviewing alternate caretakers - and getting ready to fire current caretaker. Current caretaker showed up on Sunday night and when fired went HYSTERICAL.

It's all worked out now but we are both exhausted. We were hoping for a sleep in's 8:00 am - but I hear the house painters that mom hired to start today. They're outside getting ready to power wash the house. Ah they've started pounding posts into the ground!! No sleep in's at this house today.

Send me home Jet Blue!! Come and get me!!!! I promise not to complain about the cold weather ever again!!! Take me home to real music and my own bed and my own life. Where the internet works routinely and doesn't get interruped by lightening strikes. Where the average age group is less than 75. Where men DON'T wear WHITE LOAFERS!!!!

Looking forward to Christmas down here - oh yeah....


kj said...

mim, please agree to be my sister! i need you in times like these, for you will make sure everyone survives.

oh mim....beneath the laughter and the carpenters (richard and karen, that is) this is so difficult and exhausting. i can sense everyone, even your MIL, is trying to do her/his best, except that histrionic caretaker :)

you are going to be kidnapped for a few hours of festivity. please plan on it, dear sister.


Robin said...

Darn Blogger!!! Ate my comment - so I will try again....

The "picture" of you knitting, while listening to "The Wind Beneath My Wings" just cracked me up! I can visualise your expression!

But, at least your MIL is trying to get up and do something.... that's a positive....

As for the Caregiver ....better that the "dramatics" occured while you were there - so it could be dealt with quickly.

And....OMG....the thought of those "White-Shod" men..... yikes!
I forget the fashions in Florida!!!

May you fly North soon - and yes, let KJ "kidnap" you for a day or two!


♥ Robin ♥

Lynn said...

Okay I am sending you a medal for being the best DIL of the century. Not everyone would do what you did.
The white loafers got to me the most. I actually know some people over 75 who are quite hip and fun to be with. But white loafers, yes, that is where I would draw the line too. LOL
My 92 yr old aunt is sleeping a lot now too. It's part of her congestive heart failure problem.
In my mind I see it as the "winding down stage"...

I hope your Christmas will give you something humorous to write about again!

sukipoet said...

oh such a combination of the hilarious and the so sad. MIL, just like Mom. She slept an awful lot too. Blessings to her.

you knitting and whooping it up to easy listening music and watching the white loafered dudes. I am so glad you keep your sense of humour and wry way of looking at the world through all the stress. Hugs, Suki

Baino said...

No no no, not EASY listening. Your MIL sounds like she's going downhill. My dad used to fall asleep over his crossword bless him. Let's hope Christmas is a little less hectic.

Debra Kay said...

Mim-I know how you feel, at least in part. Hang tough my friend.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Only you can bring a smile to a famliy mess story. Its what keeps you sane me thinks. :) Hope you are home soon. Yes my Mom slept a lot in the end too.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You poor girl. You need a big hug.


Amanda said...

dearest mim ------- even tho this post was sad about your mil.....i must say that it gave me some serious chuckles too!!! god bless you dear and safe travels home to your own internet, clothes, music and bed!!

Barbara/myth maker said...

Oh, hang in there, girl!! God knows, there's NO place like home.

Katiejane said...

You are such a saint, Mim, and a real trooper. I'm not sure I could be that generous and kind. I hope your stint is over soon and you can get back to your normal life.

Lori ann said...

Through the most stressful times in my life knitting was there. Let me know if you need any thing Mim, i've got lots of wool, needles, patterns...
hugs xo

studio lolo said...

i'm so behind!!!!!!!!

Mim, you have a way of telling stories. The visuals here had me peeing my pants!
Pooe MIL and her decline :(
At least she's still trying to have music in her life, albeit AWFUL easy listening, poor you!

Oh my, too too funny in your robe on the couch, on your bubble watching movies, and having to see more than enough men in white loafers! Did they all have patterned pants on too, with little whales or palm trees???

Most people should NOT be allowed to drink and dress ;P


kj said...

i can't remember if you mentioned your slippers. are they fuzzy?

love you love you love you mim.