Thursday, November 4, 2010

Random Catch up

We have internet service again, and my computer at work is working again - so whatever evil force was at work there, it seems to have calmed down (knock on wood). So here are some catch up items.....lucky you!!

Last weeks portrait drawing class. I only stayed for an hour as I had to leave very early the next day for Florida. But I got two drawings in - and I really liked using white pastel to add the light highlights. It helped to define things and shapes for me. And no, the poor woman is not crossed eyed - she just looks that way here.

While I like glasses as they are good to define areas and give dimension - I hate drawing eyes behind glasses as evidenced by the drawing two down.

As I've been decluttering, I found my high school notebook with this folded drawing. Cracked me up - even then I didn't like drawing eyes!!

So A random comment from DH had me swooping down on all sorts of crap in my house and making give away piles in every room. This is a pile of books and other items that is/are going to Goodwill for others to enjoy.

And as for clothes - well - I've done about 3 big bags to goodwill. Good stuff mostly but either I have too much or I don't need it or it was a fashion mistake to begin with. doesn't fit and I'm not going to keep stuff saying "maybe it'll fit next year". Years ago I bought this 1940's lounging dress, and while it fit at the time, it was always tight. Well now it's more than just tight - and I've decided to get the wrinkles out and sell it on either ebay or etsy. I've always loved it but it's ridiculous to hang onto something that needs quite a bit less in the avoirdupois area.

I think it's handmade and it's blue with pink butterflies. It's lovely really......(big sigh)

On another note, I've been working on the Miss Em comics and my goal is to have 48 pages worth of stuff by the beginning of the year. Right now I have 24 finished pages and 10 in the works. If I don't get 48 - it's OK, but I'd like to have more than 35 at the least. Lot's of work here, let me tell you!!!

It's nice to have internet again. I've missed this....


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I've missed you too. Good that you got your computer back. Your portrait class is coming along. I hate to do eyes behind glasses too. It always seems to be such a small space to work in. I could do a good purgeing of the clothes closet too. I haven't had that muse going yet. The dress is darling. I bet it sells quickly.

sukipoet said...

glad you are back on line. how busy you have been . I do love that lounging dress and at one time had lots of vintage clothes mostly culled from thrift shops, but all that had to go.

Do you draw the eyes first or the glasses first.?

studio lolo said...

How wonderful to see you and Miss Em again!

I haven't done any portrait drawing in for-freakin-ever. I have to tell you I love the notebook drawing with the crosshatching, eyes or not. Love it!

Mim, find another vintage gown that fits you as you are now, still beautiful!!!


Robin said...

Hooray! You are back! Miss Em is back! I have missed you both!

I am really happy you are working on completing a Miss Em series.... she IS a winner and I think the whole country will fall in love with her - as we all have!

Your sketches are wonderful.... you really have a feel for drawing people.... (your first model may look a bit cross-eyed - but I feel I would be able to recognise her if she walked into the room!

The dressing gown is beautiful....I know you will find an eager seller - but I agree with Lo - treat yourself to one that fits you! There have to be some gorgeous vintage gowns out there...

MUWAH! Welcome back!


♥ Robin ♥

Annie said...

I like the drawing without eyes best :-). Good for you getting rid of things, I need to follow your example.So exciting about your comic book! Will they be for sale?

Lori ann said...

Great drawings Mim, i especially love the use of white. The crosshatching one is my favorite (i used to do that long ago too!)
I think etsy will be a perfect place to sell your pretty gown, and then maybe find another, since i think that is only fair.
Good luck with Miss Em, whatever you do.

p.s. doesn't clearing out give the best feeling?

Baino said...

I hope your decluttering is contagious, that's my project for the weekend of the 21st. I love that dress, how could you part with it?

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Welcome back. Missed you. What a lot you have been busy with. I too did a purging of closets and cupboards and a trip to the Goodwill to get it out of the house for good. Does feel rather good. Your art work is coming along nicely. Keep up the good work.

Teri C said...

Welcome back and I know it was oddly peaceful to be offline.

Must be something in the air as I have been decluttering also as I clean through the house.

You are really getting good with those portraits, glasses or now.

Oh boy, Ms Em!!!!

Angela Recada said...

That dress is stunning!

I'm with Annie. There's something really special about the drawing with no eyes behind the glasses.

So glad you're back on-line, too.
Happy weekend!

Lynn said...

Well, obviously you were missed given all these comments already!
The eyes have it!
Love that your Ms Em comic book is coming along.
Great 40's gown...someone will love it next.
Happy purging.
Enjoy the weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And long live your computers!

Katiejane said...

You've been busy! You are doing so well in that art class! Seems like you like it, so the teacher must be pretty good.
I hate decluttering.
You are very ambitious with Miss Em. I hope you make your goal. I see only good things for you in the new year.

Debra Kay said...

D-cluttering is in D-air.....ok, bad pun bad pun. My veri word is valigla....that sounds kind of dirty. Oh well-I'm glad you have internet!

Teri and the cats of Furrydance said...

Like the first photo, especially the glasses...funny about the no eyes in the old drawing you found...and oh, I have a similar lounging robe...when would I ever wear it again--I even wore it out dancing one night when Mike and I were first dating and I was 30# lighter...

marianne said...

Inspiring post Mim!
Love those miss Em pages! They look fantastic when enlarged!
And yes de-clutter ....... wish my DH was not around so I could trow away half of my household.

Have a nice weekend with your friends!!