Friday, June 24, 2011

Back from a trip

I was in California for a week, on business most of the time and then for a few days with my brother on the Central Coast. The business meeting was good - and I faithfully walked a minimum of 2 miles per day - I was pleased with that. After 4 days of meetings and dinners and game night - I left and flew up to the city near where my bro lives. I love taking pictures from an airplane - the land patterns are so wonderfully obvious and amazing. No "real" camera with me - just iPOD pictures - but better than nothing.

The Central Coast of Ca is just so wonderfully gorgeous - I can't stop taking pictures in amazement at the scenery. Everyday we took a hike or walked on the beach, and I kept up with my minimum 2 miles - usually going up to 3 or more. One day we took a hike in the town of Cambria - which is near Hearst Castle. There is a whole area of land that had been slated for development until about 10 years ago when it was finally put aside as open land. We walked thru a forest to a path along the bluffs overlooking the ocean. The view was just so wonderful and the colors so vibrant I simply couldn't stop taking pictures.

The family pictures in the woods. Niece and SIL, brother below.

When we got to the bluffs overlooking the ocean we saw whale spouts! Turns out there has been a whale hanging out in this area - must be having a good feast of something. He/she didn't jump or anything but we could see it as it came up for air. I was fascinated! We pay big bucks to go on whale watches here in the northeast.

Isn't it just gorgeous? I was yearning for my bigger/better camera but was grateful that the ipod takes pictures.
The last day I was there it was foggy and cool and perfect for a walk on the beach. My family lives only about 3 blocks from the beach, so it's a casual stroll down there and a lovely peaceful calm walk into town along the beach rocks. This is one of the public access trails to the beach - just look at that lavender!

Here it is closer up - I kept pinching pieces of it and inhaling the amazing scent.

Fog on the beach - usually it burns off but some days it just stays there all cool and wet. I love it - especially cause you can drive into town and get bright sunshine if needed and then come back to the house and have fog. Delightful variability.

It was a good trip. Sadly I didn't get to meet up with Lori - but I'm sure we will soon - as I'm planning on going back this summer when my mom is out there.

I'm glad to be home but we are having relentless rain - and I can't drive 10 miles to get to the sunshine. My garden appears to love it - I see blooms all around me but only can view them from the windows without getting soaked. Hopefully the sun will come out this weekend.

Hope you are all well and happy!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Good to see that you are home safe and sound. It looks like your trip was a beautiful sight. Glad all went well.

sukipoet said...

such a gorgeous area where you were! and i think the ipod photos are pretty good. yes, rain, rain, rain for a number of days. ah well, at least it is relatively warm.

Baino said...

Aww Mim, the love of my life lives in LA. Can't wait to do the West Coast. Just hope it's not in a wheel chair with a catheter attached, lovely pics. It's whale time here too. Love the beach shot.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Have missed you and your Miss Em. Glad you got to have some Family time in CA in an area that is absolute heaven....that Ipod takes pretty good photos!

studio lolo said...

Waaaa Waaaaa boooo hooo! I spent 16 years there and I miss so much about it. Cambria is a charming town. Whales are a frequent sighting there Mim, year round. The males stay while the females have their babies in Baja and then migrate back to the cooler waters.

The fog hovers in the summer. June gloom is what the locals call it. But I know what you mean about driving 10 miles to the sunshine!
What a healing palce. So glad you got to spend time there, but a bummer that you couldn't hook up with Lori :(

I'm glad you're home safe. xo

Amanda said...

beautiful shots, mim - your ipod does a good job! i love the central coast as well - we try to visit my brother and his family often who live in san luis obispo - but cambria is magical....

Annie said...

I lived in Cambria for a little while about 15 years ago, they have lovely beaches there. Your photos are wonderful and I love pictures from the plane too.
Glad you had a good trip even if you had to work a little :-).
Please send us some rain, we need it!

Lori ann said...

mim, i love your photos, i think they look great. i'm so glad you had a good time and you got to keep your walking up, i'm impressed.

looking at these photos makes me homesick and i live here, well, an hour south. i feel like a proud parent to hear you talk about the central coast with such glowing words. it's true (what lo says also) i wish everyone could come for a visit.

and next time we will make it happen!

Robin said...

What wonderful photos! You have encompassed Mid-Southern California perfectly! And how lovely to see Whale-spouts!!!

And....the Lavender....sigh...does anything smell more heavenly?

I am so happy you managed to combine work with joy..... that's the best!!!!

Miss you....and welcome home!


♥ Robin ♥

Marion said...

What a gorgeous trip, Mim, I felt peaceful just reading about it. These photos make me homesick...I had a lavender hedge just like that when I lived on the Coast.

I miss those foggy, drippy days! xx

Lynn said...

What a pretty area...I've not traveled down that way in many a year...glad you had such a lovely time with family and scenery!
I just got home myself. ;-) more later after thouand plus photos get done downloading...;-))

Hilary said...

Hi. Let me know when you will be back with Mom this summer. It would be too wonderful to drive down for a visit. Cambria is so beautiful. I meet my dad and Betsy there every couple of years but alas no more long drives for them. Miss you. XXOOH

soulbrush said...

what beauty, makes me feel I should be walking too. just can't seem to get back to it- maybe it's because I see concrete around me, instead of this.

Katiejane said...

This looks like a fabulous trip. I would love to visit California. Maybe one day.
Good for you for keeping up with your exercise.