Sunday, June 26, 2011


Yesterday we went to the Fuller Craft Museum about 1 hour drive from our house, which actually turned into two hours as we got onto the wrong highway for a time. No matter, it was nice to chat in the car.
The museum has been around since 1969 and boasts that it is the "largest craft museum" or something like that. To tell you the truth - it was not a complete bust but was small enough to be rather a disappointment. And expensive to get in - but we made the most of it. There is one exhibit that I did love tho - it was a woman weaver (Kay Sekimachi) who made the most awesome bowls.

This one was collaged hebrew lettering and Japanese lace paper - not too bad.

This one - along the same style as the first one, but more fragile looking - don't you agree? Chinese handmade paper and linen.

This one is HORNET's paper - isn't it amazing? I can just imagine the process...

Another Hornet's paper bowl - seen from above. They are so fragile and translucent - I loved them, and have been searching out an abandoned hornet's nest all day.

This one is flax and gel medium - again...amazing.

Japanese rice paper again. I'm really not sure how she get's it so round from a sheet of paper. I couldn't see seams or anything like that.

This one Lo has shown before - it's called a leaf bowl and uses maple leaves and a japanese paper. Again...I would love to to know the technique.

My all time favorite was this one - which is unspun flax, linen, metallic gold and gel medium. It was awesome, so fragile and strong looking, with those waves of linen - it was just wow.

Other items - a paper mache dress.

and some very amazing intricate sculptures....

My Second favorite - a wall sculpture made from lathing. It's so lush and organic - I adore the way it all flows.....
And oh yes...this little house atop a rock, with a tiny ladder.

And around the corner....ta da!! There was a wedding going on.

As I'm writing this I realize that while disappointed in the overall museum - it was a fairly inspirational day - some interesting pieces to see and get inspired by.


Teri and the cats of Curlz and Swirlz said...

Very inspiring, love the maple leaf bowl. Maybe the 2 hour drive dimmed it for you some...`

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

I love the sculpture made from lathing... pretty cool. looks like Elmo or something with eyes. :) Sometimes we dont appreciate things or something until we think about it. If I keep thinking about things afterwards then it was a success even with a movie. But most of all you had time together. Thats a big plus.

ElizT said...

Maybe the bowls are made over balloons?

Lisa at Greenbow said...

That leaf bowl is amazing. Those leaves are so delicate in the first place it is amazing that she can make a bowl with them. I love the house on the rock sculpture.

Lori ann said...

very cool, there is a lot of inspiration here, i hope you find that hornets nest, safely!

Robin said...

YOU have given me a greater appreciation of varying forms... all of these are gorgeous...but that Maple Leaf one is pure Magic!

Thank you for bringing us along with you - and although the day wasn't all you had originally hoped for, you saw so many lovely things and found some new inspirational ideas!


♥ Robin ♥

Lynn said...

I'd say you got to see some pretty amazing art! Loved all the bowls, the Hebrew one of course!!! LOL
The leave one too so delicate.
And a wedding? Did you get to stay for cake?

Baino said...

I know you have a fascination with 'bowls' but how many can you have in your house, especially when they're so fragile. I often wonder what the difference is between Art and craft frankly. Some of these seem to fall into the 'art' category to me.

sukipoet said...

I didnt know about this museum. the bowls are wonderful. i agree either a balloon or ball for the mold. i have used hornets nest paper for craft items. My mom used to find huge nests up here and take them down in the fall for me when they emptied out. it is amazing as of course the hornets chew grasses etc to make their pulp. i believe i read about a man doing this too, chewing fibers to make a pulp.

kj said...

watching you get inspired is one of my favorite things!


studio lolo said...

You stinker! They wouldn't let me photograph the house on the rock! Everything in that room was off base. It was fun seeing it again...I love it.

That room with the weather patterns all over it is quite something. Imagine the time it took for the installation?

I'm glad you got to see the bowls for yourself.
And I agree....too much money to see so little stuff, but we still came away inspired!


Katiejane said...

Oh, Mim! I'm loving these bowls! How interesting and I'm sure they were very inspirational to you.
The wedding looks sweet.