Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday and various items

Starting out with this iPOD photo - where I went walking on Friday and it started to rain - and I realized that I was becoming addicted. Yup - miss no-exercise is enjoying her morning walk so much that I hate missing it. Good God - what is this world coming to?

Some drawings from my perspective class. The first one is still pencil - which is why it is so faint. I followed all the rules of perspective, but couldn't resist adding my own special touches. DH doesn't like the special touches - thinks I should be more "serious" when doing perspective. I stared at him in confused wonder - what the hey???? sorry buddy - I'm sticking to silly faces and large lizards.

A few weeks ago I showed a watercolor of rock pearls. I sent the image into Spoonflower and got this awesome fat quarter - and it really looks wonderful. First off they use good fabric so it feels good too, but in addition, - I think it really looks good all printed up. I set it up as a "mirror" pattern but it would have worked in any direction.

And Friday night my nephews graduated high school. Here they are with their "real" aunt and oh my - there were a few tears shed. Actually not as many as I thought because it was hotter than hades in the auditorium and I was fanning my face so fast that I probably dried the tears before they trickled down. But overall, it was an emotional night and I was so proud of both of them - I nearly busted.

We were so worn out by the end of Friday night that we both slept in on Saturday till 11:00 am! And then got up to find that the dehumidifier in the basement had overflowed in my studio. So now everything is up off the floor and I'm trying to dry it all out before I leave for a week. yup - a whole week away from home - first time in a long time.

So have a lovely week you all - enjoy, play and hug your favorite animal on Wednesday for me.


Teri C said...

Love your fabric! Great design Mim.
Yes, I miss my early am walk when it doesn't happened also.

fyi, I found an ipad group on Flickr and they all love "Sketchbook Pro" so I bought it and it seems easy to use.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

We are also hooked on walking in the mornings now. Annie keeps us going.. one look at that cute little face begging to go walk and you're out the door. lol Glad you are enjoying your drawing class your way. What will you do with the material? That looks like fun too.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

We do that morning walk too. Luna makes sure we don't bagg out on her. It looks like you had a great weekend. Have even more fun this week. See ya when you return.

Lori ann said...

mim, first, i can't find the camera on my ipod touch, does it only come on certain ones?

i know just how you feel about that walk, it is addicting, although i'm waking up to knitting these days, till i finish this order.

the fabric is awesome! will you make a pillow? or frame it? were you happy with spoonflower?

congratulations to your nephews, graduations always make me cry!

and your lizard, dinosaurs really make the drawings i think, they make me laugh.

i'll email you about when you'll be here, we've had a change of plans and i really hope we can meet!

sukipoet said...

hope you have a fun week away. congrats re: your nephews. such things always make me teary even if i dont know the people involved. walking is my favorite activity and i havent been doing much either. hmm.

yoborobo said...

Love your fabric, Mim. What are you going to do with it? It would look great framed. I always cry at graduations (well, I tear up), and for some reason most graduations seem to be miserably hot. lol! Have a great trip. I'm getting ready to leave for a week, too! Yippeee!! xox

Annie said...

Congrats to you on the walks and to your nephews on their graduation.
Love your special touches, your DH is so wrong! And love that fabric too.
Have a safe and fun trip!

marianne said...

Why is it I always get addicted to the wrong things?!
Addicted to walking sounds good!
Congratulation on your nephews! How great you were a part of their ceremony!
They look very nice (and handsom)

Have a nice day♥

Katiejane said...

Fantastic fabric!!! What a great idea. Your perspective sketches look wonderful! You are showing such talent and you pick this stuff up so well.
Have a great week and we'll see you upon your return.

studio lolo said...

first of all, the title of this post is very clever! Second, WOW, you dashed of to Spoonflower fast! I don't know how long it took me to get my fat quarter but it seems like I just told you about them. It looks fabulous Mim!! You know you can list it to sell there now that you've ordered a piece?

I love your perspective portraits! Remember that T is a traditional artist and you have more of a whimsical go for it and be YOU.

Congrats to the boys on a proud weekend!

I don't remember when the last time was that I stayed in bed beyond 8 a.m.
Mornings are my favorite part of the day.

Oh, and I'm so glad you're addicted to walking! Wait until winter, it will leave you weeping. Treadmills just aren't the same as being out there with nature. Good for you Mim!


PAK ART said...

I love your perspective drawings just the way they are! Why of course there should be a lizard on the are a cartoonist right?! Your fabric turned out beautifully, I've wanted to use spoonflower but haven't tried it yet. Your results look great!

Baino said...

I love a busy weekend, makes the dull work week worth while. Boy your grads certainly dress up for the occasion, we don't do that here and as for the rain . . .seems Sydney now has a wet season!

Amanda said...

what a cute foto - you must be so proud of your nephews — both graduating the same day!

(sorry to hear about the humidifier spill - yuk - hope it didn't damage any of your artwork...)

have a great week off, wherever you are headed ♡

canvas artwork said...

was a good read

Lynn said...

Your nephews look so mature for HS grads! I thought college maybe?
Congrats! You are the BEST REAL AUNT around!!!
Wowzie wow on the fab fabric too. Came out so cool.
Must try this sometime.
Don't you just hate it when DH's say things like THAT. I'm with you! Do your own thing.