Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Animal Wednesday and a few other things

We were bike riding last weekend and I brought my camera to capture the multiple images of woodland animals that I was sure I would see. And I saw NONE. I was going to show you all picture of empty field and desolate roads claiming that I had just seen a deer or a snake.

Then I remembered that Animal Wednesday was about all sorts of animal images...and duh....I like to draw and paint.

Here is a paperclay dog that I've had hanging around, I had thought of painting him but have decided not to - I like his goofy whiteness. So now that I consider him finished, he will take a place in the paperclay basement hall of fame. Since he's sort of lumpy and bulgy in places, I can call him Whitey Bulgy....what do you think of that clever name?

I had a little canvas hanging around and decided to paint a picture of a crow. At the same time I didn't want to get out my paints and make a mess. So I pulled out these things I got at the hardware store - it's paint in a brush-marker holder. You pump the end and paint comes out on a nylon brush - I think it's for "touch ups" around the house. Anyway, I used them to do this painting - I kind of like it.

I've been working feverishly on a quilt for a friend who's friend just had a baby...and she went into labor just as Hurricane Irene hit. I had the idea of a balloon theme, and then decided to have a cloud blowing at the balloons. I emailed Lynn for advice, she told me how to get the image I wanted onto the quilt and it came out wonderful! (thanks Lynn). Here's the front.....

...a closeup of the wind cloud...

...and the back. The whole project became a family affair, as I was working with no pattern and there were some design elements to be dealt with - i.e. the upper clouds. DH knew what he would do if it was a drawing, so we had to figure out how to transfer that idea to a quilt. It was fun, but I'm glad to have it done.

I'm still knitting up a storm - finishing up some baby hats to go with the sweaters that I made (all babies need ensembles - don't they?) and also some scarfs for my cousin and a lacy one for me. I'm also working on a sweater for myself in some amazingly soft brown and black wool and the wine colored merino yarn that I saw recently just called out to me.

Have a Happy Animal Wednesday and I hope you see some animals around your area


ElizT said...

So much!
Do you eat while knitting/sewing/painting/running/working?

Lisa at Greenbow said...

The baby quilt is wonderful. The blowing wind will be a great reminder to the parents of the windy day the baby was born. I like you paperclay dog too. He looks quite happy sitting there. HAW. You are a busy girl.

Mim said...

oh...I find time to eat...I surely do!!!

Call Me Cate said...

I love Whitey Bulgy. He's just the sort of puppy I'd love to have hanging out in the corner of my living room. He looks like he's smiling!

The quilt is adorable. I love the way the balloons are all askew as they're blown along. I especially love the clouds and the ground below. So lovely!

Thanks for this post, Mim. It gave me a little spark to keep going at my own projects.

Katiejane said...

Love your little doggy. Maybe Bulgy is a new breed! Whaddaya think?
This quilt is so original and so well done. Very cute. Such a thoughtful and sincere gift.

ArtistUnplugged said...

I love Whitey Bulgy, very descriptive, keep him out of the sun.........your quilt, just blows (sorry) away, so darn clever and cute. Love the balloon pattern!!!!! Broken record the crow. Try to keep busy, won't you? :-D

Robin said...

I adore that quilt! It will remain a whimsical memory of the day the baby was born...... great job - by you and your DH!

The doggy sculpture is so cute! He looks like a friend to Miss Em. (Whom I dearly miss...)

The Raven drawing is great! We both know a *certain someone* who will just adore it! You are one creative woman!!!!



♥ Robin ♥

Lori ann said...

my goodness that is a LOT of busyness! beautiful work mim, the quilt is especially wonderful. hi whity bulgy!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Love WB.. he's a cutie. Love Love Love the quilt. Good job on the clouds and all. Nice to have fellow bloggers and Hubbys to help out with ideas.

~Babs said...

Wow,,,that is one fabulous quilt!
Aren't you glad you knew the 'go-to girl'?

Lovin' that pup sculpture! Clay is always close to my heart, even when it isn't in my hands.
Great post!

kj said...

mim you are so prolific. you aren't afraid to try anything and the results are always fantastic.

that dog's legs and paws are spot on (hahha the 'spot' part)

i showed my jess this quilt since the one in drew's room makes the whole space perfect. this new quilt has the balloons just floating in the sky. and the swirls of land below: just great.

i will be totally terribly glad to see your smiling face.


Caroline said...

My, you've been keeping busy! Love your white dog - how big is it, I wonder? Your quilt is super - how creative!

Lynn said...

That dog has tude Mim!!!
Great Crow too.
So glad any suggestions I made helped out on this adorable baby quilt. I love the blowing cloud.
Both grandkids (twins) asked for knit sweaters for Chanukah. Need to send their mom a tape measure as I didn't think to measure them when I had them in my grasp. and get started on those!

PAK ART said...

I just love Whitey Bulgy (although he might need an easier name to say) He reminds me of a cartoon when my kids were little called "Rude Dog". You have been busy with all your various projects - what fun!

sukipoet said...

the quilt theme is wonderful. my fav movie is the red balloon.

doggie is very sweet too. and all that knitting. wow.

studio lolo said...

The infamous Whitey Bulgy!!! hahaha, hilarious, Mim! I think I've seen him on America's Most Wanted paper sculpture ;)

See ya soon!!


Stencil Art said...

Really lovely idea and what a way of sharing special moments with family and friends. Thanks for sharing