Monday, September 5, 2011

A Special Kid

I was only going to post a bit today about a sweater I am knitting for a new cousins baby and a few other odds and bits....but then I got an email from a friend about another friends grandson and it was so wonderful, I figured I post the link to the youtube video here today (also, cause I can't figure out how to actually post a YouTube video here)

This is a close wonderful family, all generations living and working together - amazing. I sing in a chorus with the grandmother and have never heard one complaint or "why us" from this family. Awesome!~

Seeing Justin's courage and attitude makes me appreciate the fact that I take a walk everyday thru scenery like this

This area is a conservation water project - no swimming in the lake but kayaking and some fishing allowed. In the winter - if it's a cold one - it's covered with ice fishing shacks, and ski tracks. We snowshoe here alot in the winter, it's magnificent.

LOTS of dogs here and recently they instituted a leash law and receptacles to pick up after your dog. To be honest - it was needed and has cut down on the scare of having a strange dog charge you, or having to dodge piles of poo. I used to love taking Samson there - his absolute joy in running and swimming was wonderful to see. I'd spend hours with him here.

I did see evidence of Irene's wrath here in the woods - glad this wasn't near a house as it was a massive tree.

And here is the sweater that I made for my cousins new and first grandbaby. Its a pattern that Lori sent me and came out pretty good - not perfect and I might even try it again with a different wool - just to get it right! And I made it a little bit longer cause basically I knit it too loose and it was coming out too big so I made it for a slightly larger baby. Live and learn and Lori - I'll email you for some hints about those pesky Cast-on's under the arm!!!

I have the day off - and am reveling in it! I might just start that new baby sweater!!!


Lynn said...

Thanks for sharing the video about Justin. What a sweet kid. I love his positive attitude. And yes, it makes us realize what gifts we have that we take forgranted every day.

I think you did a great job on the sweater. So the baby will wear it later than you expected. so what?
It's very pretty and looks well done to me.

You do live in a very beautiful area Mim. Keep on enjoying it year round. And enjoy your day off.

Lori ann said...

i'll check the video in a minute, but i was anxious to say how beautiful it is where you live and how nice to hear your appreciation. and how fantastic your sweater turned out!! it looks perfect to me, just adorable. i know you said you knit loose, maybe you would want to go down a needle size (or two) to compensate. but a baby sweater too large is always a blessing, as babys always grow! and that is such a cute little hanger too. :)

ArtistUnplugged said...

What an awesome video, thanks! You certainly live in a beautiful area, love the photos and the sweater looks amazing!!! Have a nice Labor Day!

sukipoet said...

justin is inspiring. what a sweetheart. Thanks for sharing this.

your conservation area is great. both fortunate and unfortunate the dogs now have to be on a leash.

the sweater is adorable. i just began knitting a month ago and so far mostly make a mess. i am practicing. but i long to make a sweater. but first things first, i guess a scarf is the easiest so i will try that.

in a book i bought on knitting they talk about making a gauge first for each knitting project which gauges how many stitches per inch for that wool and your knitting style. i remember the sweater you knit for yourself that was way too big. i think this gauge thing helps with that, but Lori would know far better than I. Anyway, i am currently trying to do ribbing which doesnt turn out right at all but... practice.

Teri C said...

What a gorgeous place in nature.
That sweater is adorable!!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

It is a darling baby sweater. I love the colors... the button being different. Its a good thing for leash laws & baggies for picking up the poo, but can a dog go swimming now? I am going to go check out the video.

studio lolo said...

Justin is delightful and inspiring! I don't think we'd ever see him at a pity party. What a blessing he is.

Mim, the sweater looks great! Pink is an attitude, not a color :)


PAK ART said...

It's a very sweet sweater! You could make another one and then new baby would have one for now and one for later. I love the curved stitching around the collar.

yoborobo said...

Hi Mim! That sweater is so cute!!!! I need to learn how to knit and find a baby to give things to! :) I'll come back and look at the video later. How DO you post a video on Blogger? I used to know how before they started 'improving' it. haha. Have a great day! xo Pam