Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Animal Wednesday - The Story of Scruffy and the Airplane ride

You all remember Scruffy - mom's little dog. Well this summer, little Scruffs has been out in California - doing all kinds of doggy things like running on the beach, and playing with other dogs - it sounds like he had a wonderful time out there. What could be bad about 6 weeks in a beach cottage, with sisters and brothers coming over every day, and doggie friends and lots of spoiling.

But it all had to end someday, and Mom is now back in Florida but not without some angst. See, we made her buy a first-class ticket out to CA, and figured this would give her room for Scruffy's little cart and make everyone comfortable. And it worked great on the way out there! But coming home they hit a few snags. First mom had to check an extra bag - and it was the bag with Scruffy's treats! Then she couldn't fit his rolling crate under the first class seat (she forgot that the wheels were detachable!) and everyone was very upset. Luckily, a couple sitting near mom had a daughter traveling in coach - just two rows back, and this lovely person fit Scruffy's crate under her coach seat (don't ask me why this worked out, it just did). So Mom was sitting in first class, and Scruffy was back in coach...and occasionally giving a little whine or whimper of distress. Of course, after mom had her first class dinner, she took a few bread rolls, and went back to coach to feed Scruffs a little dinner. And of course, once he saw her - he whimpered more, so mom switched seats with the gal and stayed in coach to keep Scruffy company. (SO glad we spent that extra money).

Then they got home, everyone was thrilled to be home and Scruffs was very thirsty of course, only having bread rolls for the past 6 hours. So he drank a ton of water while Mom went thru the mail. After a few minutes, he came scratching up to mom - who of course thought he just wanted to cuddle. So she picked him up and they cuddled for awhile, then she put him down and he wandered off...to pee on the freshly cleaned rug.

( I mean really...what would you think if your doggie came up to you and yammered and scratched and you knew he had just drunk a ton of water....would you think he needed a cuddle? Well, of course, he always needs a cuddle....but really!!!)

So that is my Animal Wednesday! I could of course tell you about the deer that I nearly hit while driving home tonight but I'll save that for another day.


Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Oh I had to laugh.. So glad you paid extra for first class. lol. So happy he got home alright.

kj said...

hee hee mim, an adorable story. your mom makes me laugh.


Lynn said...

I will NOT fault your mom for her faulty thinking, memory or whatever! I kept thinking that lucky gal who was generous in the first place to offer her foot room for the doggie and his crate! And then was rewarded with a first class flight! Pays to be kind and generous! and guess you were too. Twice! LOL

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Scruffy does have a rough life. Ha.. Glad all got home safe and sound. HAW.

marianne said...

Hahaha I think this is hilarious!!!
What an adventure!
Glad they both survived hope the rug does too ;)

Amanda said...

poor scruffy! but it sounds like he managed well in spite of it all - pets can be surprisingly flexible. my beloved airedale mia has had to wear an elizabethan collar all week (i call it the cone of shame ;-) but she got used to it after a couple days.

i hear robin will be visiting you - have a grand time together!


Teri C said...

What a great story Mim! Scruffy sure has it good.


Katiejane said...

Cute story. I've never tried to travel with pets. So glad that Scruffy is home, safe and sound and can be "regular" now.

Robin Panzer Art said...

Ahhh the life of the adorable Scruffy! Great story! I'd want to cuddle him too...after he peed...LOL!

PAK ART said...

Scruffy is such a lucky dog! And you are very generous to insist on first class for the nice little girl who gave up her second class seat. That cracks me up because I always used to fly stand-by and always hoped I'd get bumped UP to first class.

soulbrush said...

aaaw cute, I see everyone is writing real stories today, so I am off to do one about snuffs.HAW Mimsie

sukipoet said...

i think scruffy could just about have his own little cartoon book.

~Babs said...

Love the Scruffy story,,,and the first class part.

OMG,that gives me the shudders just thinking about it. Glad it was an 'almost'!

Oh lord, my word veri:
I'm not making that up.
(do ya think blogger has spies?)