Friday, March 12, 2010


I don't usually like the thought of just looking forward to the weekend but oh man - this week has been a doozy! Too many meetings, late nights, international visitors to take care of. One more day, and then 2 days of relaxing. whew.

I got this sunshiny award from Susan - who is our newest Animal Wednesday member, bless her heart! She herself is a ray of sunshine, and incredibly talented artist - go take a look at her stuff. I should be passing it along - and am to all of my bloggy friends - especially those who loved Renee. She has been our ray of sunshine for a long time.

(hey..I wanted a row of hearts, but it doesn't work on a MAC! - any hints from my ever so wise, computer literate buddies?)

I haven't drawn anything in weeks! I'm behind on postcards, ATC's and Miss Em is no where to be found (hiding again, that little sneak!) I'm looking forward to a rainy day tomorrow where I can do some nesting inside, and maybe breakout the pens and pencils.

Enjoy your friday, enjoy your weekend...basically...just enjoy.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

You sound like you need this weekend Mim. I do hope you get to relax and recharge. ((hugs))

studio lolo said...

You deserve every award that comes your way Ms. Mim.
because Ms. Em is your alter ego, I think she hides when you're exhausted and does the 'resting' for both of you ;)

I saw something on my MSN homepage about a weird storm stystem coming around. I guess I'll read the article~or I could just wait and see what we get!

Either way I hope you get to decompress this weekend and make art to your heart's content.
Or just curl up with a good book.

No 26 miles okay?


Cate said...

today is day 2 for heavy rain here in my world and it is welcomed...been so dang dry! the muse comes when it comes...

enjoy! :)

soulbrush said...

yipppeee a really happy looking one just in time for summer (we hope), kick back and relax and what better way to relax than art, art, art.

caseytoussaint said...

Enjoy your weekend - it sounds like you deserve a couple of days off!

Teri said...

Susan is really a honey.
I tried that heart thing on my Mac too and as you know it didn't work but I found all kinds of fun things on my numbers using option and the numbers.......... $ becomes ¢