Sunday, October 19, 2014

Slow food

I've had a strange summer.  In mid June I fell while getting out of an elevator, in a rush to get to my hotel room after a loud, noisy, crazy family party.  I admit now that I was feeling overwhelmed, alone, desperate for peace and quite and was rushing and not paying attention.  Oh...and I also had on elevated shoes - those new/old wedgie type that are so popular now.   As I fell, I remember stiffening up and hoping that I wouldn't re-break a weak ankle.   I lay on the floor in the hotel  corridor and didn't think I could get up.  I finally got to a sitting position, and was sitting with my back to the wall when the elevator opened and two people stared out at me.    They stared at me...I stared at them  - the elevator closed and I was alone again.  I managed to get to my feet and stumble to my room grabbing ice on the way.   I sprained my ankle very badly and tore the meniscus in my other knee even worse.  It hurt like hell and I wondered how I would get home the next day.

What has this got to do with food?  Keep reading - I think I'll get there.

I did get home, drove myself 3 hours home and a few weeks later had surgery on that knee.  That was July.  I spent the next four weeks elevating my leg whenever I could and icing it and taking drugs.   I started PT, where the Therapist had me at 7:00 am two days a week and kept me doing squats and leg lifts with weights on my ankle and things were getting worse and worse and worse.    At the same time, I signed up for nutrition sessions at my health club.

This is where the food part comes in.

Last week a light bulb went off in my dim head.  I realized that I'd fallen back into the "load up your basket, times a-wasting" mode that is so familiar to us all.  I was trying to do it all again!   I'd been trying to force my leg to heal with inappropriate tough exercises.  The lack of routine exercise that I usually get in the summer had left me completely out of shape and pushing my leg to get better had made it worse.  I'd been eating poorly, mostly take out food and quick sandwiches or pasta.   Nothing fits and I'd begun to feel worse and worse about myself, my inability to heal, etc etc etc.  So I've begun to get off the merry go round and I've started with food and exercise.

I've dumped the harsh PT and have started rehab sessions 1 time a week with a Pilates trainer. After 1 week I can walk better - and can now climb stairs comfortably.    And I've completely dumped fast convenient food. Right now I have a Moroccan vegetable stew on the stove.  On Sunday's I'm cooking for the week so that I have healthy lunches to bring to work.  I'm committed to reading food labels, and (trying) to only buy whole foods.  I'm shopping the edges of the supermarket.   Minimal meat, more salads and veggies.  Lots of water with lemon.   I'm trying hard to slow down - slow down with eating, slow down with trying to do too much, slow down at work and do a better more thorough job.  It's a better way to live.

And yes the wedgie shoes - which were brand spanking new - have been given to Goodwill.

Wish me luck!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Good for you. Sometimes a disaster in our life makes us slow down and reevaluate what we are doing to ourselves. Best of luck with your revised health plan. I know you will be stronger and happier.

Amanda Summer said...

So happy to see you back here Mim. I am sorry to read of your injury ~ sometimes I believe things like this happen to get us to focus on something we need to look at, like our overall health and well being. A Moroccan vegetable stew sounds like the perfect thing for a Sunday supper. If you are inclined to share the recipe I'd love to have it. Wishing you not only luck but all blessings~


Robin said...
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Robin said...
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Teri said...

Omg Mim! What an experience! Hope everything works out ok.
A few years ago I made a personal decision to go gluten free and have never regretted it. I feel good and eating a lot more fruit and veggies.
Good luck!

Robin said...

That darn Blogger! I guess *its* mad at me because I am not blogging or visiting them much these first, it printed my comment twice...I thought I deleted ONE...but Nooooo it took them both!
So, to paraphrase, I agreed with Amanda...sometimes awful things happen to tell you to SLOW DOWN...take care of your body with healthy eating and gentle exercise. These days, I am the *Voice of Experience*! Your recipe sounds divine...could you send to me on e-mail or just FB it? It will be just thing for Chris and I to eat on these cold, Rhinebeck days! Love, always, ♥ Robin ♥

kj said...

i am yoohooing to read your post here. i have learned to slow down and i'm still busy as all heck, but i take my time. i prefer completion but even so i mostly turtle along…..

i am not eating well. too much carbs. it's possible you've now inspired me.


Barbara/myth maker said...

Oh, so sorry to hear about this fall. Tearing the menicus must've hurt like hell. Glad to hear of your new regime. Be gentle on yourself. Sending you healing vibes, my friend.

Lynn Cohen said...

Oh Mim, I am so sorry you had this accident! And then I am happy you had the light bulb effect and have started down a better, healthier-overall path!
I can only support you with my back up of the benefits doing this has been for me this past year and a half! Wow, yes, it's been that long I've been eating vegan/whole foods! (I do eat fish on occasion, and did a lot in Europe, as it was extremely hard to find fresh veggies in restaurants there. I had gotten my weight down to the teens before I left and am only three pounds up after coming home. It will recede again I have no fear, as I am back to regular exercising and eating properly. The health benefits are tremendous. Fitting into size six jeans is mind blowing. I would not have believed my size 12-14 self could have done this in a million years! But I have. And I feel great. And because I had done this before we left on our trip to Europe I could carry 20 pounds on my back across seven countries for a month. (Wearing Keene Sport shoes!) This 73 year old body is Young at heart and of heart too.
So keep doing what you have started here. I know you like to bicycle and boat and walk; you are young and now are committed to slowing down your "super woman pace", you WILL and ARE DOING IT! I look forward to hearing more in the following months, as to how well it's going and how well you are becoming!!!! Proud of you!