Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Early Tuesday AM - still arguing with hardware

I still can't get the scanner to work...and the pictures!  Forget it!  They're gone from the camera and no where to be found on the computer, alas.  
I have ordered a "mac for dummies" book and some of the "i" books (iPhoto etc) so that I can regain my geek self respect.  I'll show this computer who is boss. But I don't think that the printer/scanner will work with this baby, something about the software and it's not compatible - whatever. It seems so stupid to have to buy a new something because the software doesn't work.  Ah well, the BoyScouts are collecting electronic equipment week after next, so they will be the richer. 
Deb gave me a great link to a bike site that has comfy woman's saddles and one has been ordered for my biking comfort.  Along with way too much in the way of padded shorts and removable padding and on and on.  All in all, the supplemental stuff will cost more than the bike. But it's worth it to enjoy the outdoors getting exercise and having something that Tony and I like to do together. 
After biking on Sunday, it was way to cold to do the kayaking that we planned for Sunday - at least it was too cold for me.  HE bundled up in a wet suit and all the other paraphernalia and went out on the Nashua river for a long paddle.  I went along, because staying at home often means trying to do chores, and I'd rather get out of the house, take a walk, read and draw.   Here is a work in process.  No...I didn't scan it into this computer...I have the old one (work one) at home with me and I scanned it into there and then copied it to a flash drive and onto this computer.  I get tired just thinking about it.  

Okay - now go figure this out!  I loaded two of these pictures into blogger to see which one looked better, the plan was to delete one and leave the other one.  Now, it won't let me delete one of the versions.  ARGH.  And why doesn't it show the proper cropping which is how I saved it? 

You, and I, are stuck with two.  This doesn't make any sense to me.  Does anyone have the same problem with blogger and a MAC?  


ksklein said...

If I would live a little closer, I would send my husband over to help. ;)

What about the cropping? It looks just like the drawing hasn´t been cropped out at the bottom of the original scan .

Sarah said...

I like the drawing very much - the colour against the b&w works well.

Can't help with the blogger issue, but have you visited the website of your scanner's manufacturer - you should find a drivers/downloads page there where you will be able to download the correct drivers for your new Mac(lucky l;ucky you - a mac!, if you haven't already tried this.

Debra Kay said...

I like the second picture. I peeked at the trails in your area-you would rock our women's camp Mim.

Money on a good padded shorts and a seat is money well spent.

I wish I had someone near here to ride with-biking in OKC is very male and macho. Dallas was really special because of Dorba and the strong women's group.

I just keep putting it out there amongst the locals "anyone want to go for a ride with me?" and someday maybe someone will.

Lynn said...

I can't tell the difference between the two, but well done trees. Lovely drawings.

ElizT said...

Nice drawing. We had to buy a wonderful new scanner to fit with my Mac but I will always be a beginner at this stuff anyway.

Fern said...

so much tree-ness

Forever Young said...

i can't help you with computer stuff, am useless, but like these trees, both of them.