Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Seven Deadly Sins (or random facts)

Sarah gave a challenge to list 7 Random or wierd things about yourself.  (I thought a title of "Deadly Sins" would be eyecatching, but I can't think of 7 deadly things).  So here are my random/weird facts. 

1) One foot is about 1 shoe size bigger than the other.  I either have to have one shoe falling off or one tight as a bell, as I am too cheap to buy 2 pairs of shoes in different sizes. 

2) I loved my teddy bear, Timothy, and slept with him until I was about 20 - when a new dog chewed off his face. 

3) I love plants, and love to garden but actually have a black thumb

4) I am scared to death of the telephone and will go to great lengths to stay off it except with mom, who I talk to every day

5) I can only sleep on my left side...not on my back and not on my right side.  Just doesn't work! 

6) Sidewalks are the only natural places to walk in my book.  

7) A good cup of coffee is better than sex, drugs or rock and roll! 

Tag yourselves and see what you come up with - let me know! 


Debra Kay said...

A really good cup of coffee brewed after sex and served in bed is even better!

caseytoussaint said...

Mm - I have to agree with both of you about the coffee. I'm so glad to know that I haven't got he only black thumb in the universe, too!

Sarah said...

Well I'm no longer drinking coffee, but even if I were I'd choose the sex ;)

I am the world's worst gardener. We joke in England that after 30 something comes over you and you like gardening even if you hated it before but that didn't happen to me...

I identify with your phone phobia.

Forever Young said...

and i didn't learn any of these things about you in that brief hour, too much to talk about! interesting stuff!! i am going to consider myself tagged!!!!

ksklein said...
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ksklein said...

I have a similar problem with my feet. My toes are very long, the second one even bigger than the big one. ;) So I usually have to buy too big shoes which I slip out off or I have to buy shoes which curl my toes and then hurt.
So usually I get the bigger size and put an inlay or some padding in it.

I love plants too, specially all kinds of citrus trees. One of the main reasons why I once want to move to Los Angeles are the trees. I want to live inside an orange orchard. Since the kids were born, I don´t have many plants any more. I used to have it green in my apartment, but when the kids came, they first destroyed my plants, then ate them, and now my plants just keep dying. Makes me sad and makes me mad. Maybe I just don´t have enough time now to take care of them. When will the kids grow up and leave? ;)

I really don´t like talking on the phone. (There are exceptions though.) That´s why I love the internet and emails. Makes life so much easier.

I love sex and I love coffee (black tea with milk even more), but what really satisfies me is fantastic food. I get to have more sex and coffee than the fantastic food.

Michele said...

I had a teddy that I slept with for years as well. In fact, I probably still have him somewhere packed away in a box. Hmmm, where is that darn bear?