Saturday, April 12, 2008

scanner trouble

New problems I guess.  I can get the thing to print, but not to scan.  As far as I can tell, everything is loaded correctly but still "drivers not found" keeps coming up. You feel like yelling at the machine, "you're so smart, find the damn drivers yourself!".  I may hook up the old computer again, and scan into that in order to get a few things in. 

ah, the troubles of having things! 


Fern said...

my son's best cure for things like this is to:

turn off, unplug and wait.

some sort of rehashed Timothy Leary theory!

good luck.

Debra Kay said...

I have a new computer still in the box for that very reason. The old one is still gasping along.

Mim said...

I could use Timothy Leary right about now. Problem is that I am a bit (just a tiny bit) of a techno geek, and actually LIKE fussing with the computer. This thing, this MAC, is supposed to be so easy, but I keep looking for complicated things to do..and they're not there, so I can't even do the simple ones!

Forever Young said...

aha my new little laptop (that steve helped me buy a few weeks ago) doesn't scan either yet, so stll using hubby's one! blasted things, i hate computers! bah humbug!

Michele said...

I have an old color printer, scanner, fax machine that stopped working the last time I changed out the ink. It's been sitting in my floor for about two years waiting to be repaired. I finally loaded it into my car yesterday and I'm taking it somewhere before Passover. Here's to getting all mechanical things to work this week!