Friday, April 11, 2008


Okay, I know that I'm not really spoiled, because everything I have/get - I work hard for.  But occasionally there are times when one realizes how many things I have, and a little bit of guilt creeps in.  
Recently I finally decided that the bicycle that I bought 3 years ago was just TOO big.  The history on this bike is that the first day that I got it, I got on it and promptly fell off and shattered my ankle.  And when I say promptly, I mean it. The bike wasn't even moving!  I never got to ride one inch before ending up in surgery and flat on my back for 8 weeks.  Since that time, I've ridden the bike alot but always with trepidation, somewhat afraid of the beast. And it is a huge bicycle, not only did we buy the wrong size for me, but it's just weird.  And I need to ride!  My darn ankle won't let me walk for too long and I certainly can't run. So I must ride for exercise. 
So last weekend we went out and I got a new hardtail mountain bike, which seems to fit me and is a lovely bright blue.  I finally got it this Wednesday and while I haven't ridden it yet, it is calling to me.  Note, - my nephew in law who lives in Sedona just broke his wrist while mountain biking .  I'm getting protective equipment! 

In addition, we have been looking at new computers and I finally went out last night and bought a new iMAC.  It's almost overwhelming!  Large screen, classic MAC white and a lovely design.  I'm amazed.  

And inside I am justifying this excess week with the thoughts that (1) this is only the second bicycle that I have bought in my life (2) I need to exercise and have fun with my DH and (3) I have never bought a computer in my life and so on. 

And in order to mitigate my guilt at indulging myself I will make sure that deserving people get my old bike, and we are donating DH's old computer equipment to the boy scouts.   So enough breast beating - I'm going to enjoy these new toys. 

Thanks for listening! 


Debra Kay said...

Are YOU the reason why I've spent so long on the Kona site this week? I miss my mountainbike(s) although I love my hyrbrid and my cruiser. Something about having the right tool for the job just resonates with me when it comes to bicyles.

My last mountainbike, and expensive one that was too good for me was also too big for me. I didn't break anything, but I never rode it much and then just gave up. I'm thinking about getting another and going to a women's mountainbike clinic in August in Texas-it's a great weekend, want to come? Maybe we can drag Michele along too.

Michel did the most amazing thing I've ever seen on a mountainbike. We were traveling along a high creek second she was on her bike-the next it was on the ground and she was standing in the woods beside it (away from the creek bank). Neither one of us knew how she moved that quickly, and like I say, I was right there behind her.

Anyway, the clinic is for women only, no testosterone and all fear levels are welcome and nourished. There are paved trails if that's what you'd prefer.

Fern said...

new toys are fun...


I'm going to buy two tires for my car this weekend.

not fun.

yes, I am whining.


Michele said...

I so miss mountain biking ... except for the crashing and all as mentioned above by Deb. Enjoy your new bike and don't feel too guilty. It seems that anytime I buy new things, it all comes in cycles. I buy a bunch of stuff in a week and then I don't buy anything new for months.

ElizT said...

You needed these items, no indulgence involved.

Mim said...

Hmmm...mountain biking clinic - so tempting!

Forever Young said...

i posted a comment which sees to have been lost, saying why shouldn't one shop and get what they want if one works so hard, you go girl, shop till you drop!