Monday, April 21, 2008

Home for 12 hours (or less)

I just returned from warm lovely Sarasota, from a fun weekend with family.  Dad fell again, which wasn't so great, but seemed to be doing a tiny bit better by today. (still it's really time for help in the house, not an easy chore).  Anyway, I flew home tonight, get to unpack and repack and leave for London tomorrow. FY and I will endeavour to meet up on Friday for drinks, our schedules are clashing due to me having to rush home to work on this home health aide thing. But we will persevere - and meet for drinks and I will take pictures for you all. 

I've been rushing around the house, touching computer, checking in on new friends' posts', checking email and phone messages!  It's like I've been away for weeks! 

I am going to try that new blogger thing where you can set up your post in advance and we'll see what happens for AW. 


ElizT said...

How interesting, the meeting up; looking forward to a report.

ksklein said...

give FY a hug from me. and enjoy the trip.

Forever Young said...

yipppeeeee i am so happppeeeeee, here's to friday!!!

sukipoet said...

Yes, i well understand the stress of having a parent aging, falling needing help. The good news is that in Flordia, I assume, there are lots of agencies that offer elder care. Here in upcountry East Coast area, there are few services for the elders and in fact few elders, and in fact miles and miles between the agency people and where some elders live.

Hope you have a marvelous trip and how fun to meet FY in person.

The blogger thing is very easy. Just click on that link to blogger in draft. Once you write your post click on post options on the bottom left of the post and enter in the day and time you want the post posted. I have done it a# of times. Be well, Suki

Michele said...

Have a wonderful trip : )

Debra Kay said...

Have a wonderful trip and try not to worry too much!