Monday, April 7, 2008

The last IFN - April 2008

Good old IFN is shutting down after this week, sad but inevitable with Steve moving onto other work. Here is my last entry. I like IFN, although I haven't submitted much lately, at first I did submit every week - when most of the topics (in my mind) were a bit lighter, easier to interpret.

I'll miss the site; when I first found it I was exhilarated, here were people who were actually laughing at themselves, which I love. Lately it has become more of a "real" art site, and my pencil sketches just weren't working for me on the topics posted. I needed more time for interpretation and work...and the time just isn't available. But I remember feeling that I didn't have enough angst for the site, and Steve telling me to "DIG DEEP AND FIND YOUR ANGST" - which is actually helpful advice. (I dug deep and found some, but its pretty innocuous stuff), and the time when by mistake I posted a picture of some little pink polyester purses that some friends had bought me from Asia, (I had promised the kids that I would post the pictures on "the Internet" and they were excited and I meant to post them on my blog but messed up) and Steve was like "who is this idiot posting this shit" and sweet Fern emailed me to say.."ah, Mim...did you mean to post these pictures?" Then there is Jeannette, who basically thinks I'm a fool, but is pleasantly surprised when I do something halfway decent, and grudgingly let's me know.

So that's it. Thanks to all for that site, it's been real.


Debra Kay said...

Sometimes people get so deep in their angst they lose their joy. For a person who has been clinically depressed most of my life, 'artistic' and 'creative' as in "she's artistic" became for awhile code words for depression. And, for a time, my darker pieces were the best and most moving. Learning to share joy-that takes perhaps more courage than sharing angst. If you share your angst, and no one likes it, well, you still have your precious angst. If you share your joy, and you let what other's think affectyou, you could lose your joy. If you share your joy without any thought beyond sharing the joy-you actually begin spreading it.

In turn, your dark pieces become more real as well.

I like real. I don't like polished dark for public consumption-it's like polishing a turd.

Mim, dear Mim, your angst is just a precious and wonderful as anyone else's.

Forever Young said...

maybe steve isn't feeling so full of angst himself these days, he's such a happy bunny, and it's so good to see!

Michele said...

Somehow I've missed out on IFN and I'm feeling all sad and left out : ( OK, I'm not feeling that sad but you know what I mean.

Fern said...

FY - A happy bunny?!
Does Jeanette know?

Mim said...

Fern - I spit out my drink laughing at your comment. I think we ought to tell Jeanette.

There are times when I read comments and posts and can't believe that we all don't really "know" each other. There aren't many who would get that bunny joke.

Sarah said...

I know it's sad to see it go, I'll miss it, though I haven't posted in weeks (months). I like your goodbye post very much. It reminds me a lot of a British comic's artist. I'll dig out the link and get back to you.

studio lolo said...

What bunny joke???

Mim said...

lolo, the bunny thing is too much to go into on a comment, but suffice it to say that referring to Steve as a bunny, (cute and fluffy) was not what some people thought should be on IFN. Drawing pictures of bunnies on that site caused lots of yelling and screaming.

Fern said...

plus Jeannete LOVES bunnies

merryminnow said...

Dear Mim,

Soooo nice: you are.

Best wishes to you always!!!

ifn was really something!