Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Animal Wednesday - walking the dogfish

Is it really Wednesday?  It seems like Sunday was yesterday, we've been so busy catching up on the week's events.  We did have one event happen here that has never happened to me before.  The critter that has been eating the plants in my garden has a field day while we were away and ate EVERY SINGLE LEAF off my tomato plants.  In my 30 years of gardening I have Never had a critter that disturbed my tomato plants. Whatever animal did this was very cautious - he (or she) daintily left the main stalks standing but ate every leaf.  I don't know what animal did this, there are no paw prints or other hints. I'm still thinking woodchuck, but this seems rather dainty work for a big old woodchuck. 

Anyway, despite being mad at that animal, it is still Animal Wednesday - and I am posting my favorite portion of that picture below.  Walking the Dogfish - what could be more fun? 


Fern said...

Another Whimsicle Mimsicle, my latest favorites.

Your drawings are just shining brighter and brighter all the time!

sukipoet said...

Will the leaves being gone affect the plant ?? IE will you still get tomatoes? Cute picture.

Debra Kay said...

When I was in college I came home from class one day and all my tomato leaves where stripped. GONE. Black Beatles. I put sevin dust on the plants and they came back from the brink. Then Momma Skunk ate the blossoms.

This year I'm sharing MY tomatos with Carolyn Slowsky, the turtle. My Mom is horrified, but there is enough for all at the moment.

Teri C said...

This is so cute!

A few years ago, the squirrels were eating my little green tomatoes. Who knew tomatoes and plants were so good!


Forever Young said...

we think the squirrels have been at our tomato plants too! HAW mim!