Sunday, June 22, 2008

Images from a Florida Trip

Day 1 - went to the beach - this guy was flapping around looking for food. 

My beautiful little great niece - she has quite a personality, and chatter's non stop in her own language. 

One of the highlights of the trip - a bike ride on a "mountain" bike trail.  A group called "SWAMP" keeps trails open in the florida area for easy or difficult rides - we went on the easy and I thought I would melt from the heat. But it was FUN. 

This is an orchid that my mom is growing - I wanted to move this picture somewhere else on this post, but blogger or MAC wouldn't let me.   Back to the bike trail. Oranges growing wild on the bike trail. 

An Epiphyte flower
Crazy looking mushrooms on the trail. 
and rooting armadillo's - exotic to me - not to Texan's and Floridians. 
Interesting clouds when we left Florida.   We flew around them. 
Ready to leave from Kinston North Carolina - first stop on the way home. 
And more interesting clouds  - again, we stayed away from these powerful engines. 

This trip wasn't the vacation that I needed, too busy being a daughter, aunt, niece, great aunt, Daughter in Law, wife....and not much time for much else.  But I did get up early every morning and do some drawings which I will post later....


sukipoet said...

Not to mention you must have stopped pedaling a lot to take those bike trail pictures. Your niece is too sweet and the pictures are lovely. Never been to FLA.

Debra Kay said...

Ohhhh, thanks for the pictures. All my favorite things-clouds, flowers, trails. It was really nice to open up your blog and see those.

I'm learning to snatch hour long vacations as well, it's just not the time for the extended lolligagging I crave.

Teri C said...

Great pictures and beautiful flowers. I love how you made the trip in your plane. It all sounds so perfect.

ElizT said...

All lovely, apart from the idea of flying near those clouds in your little bird.

Forever Young said...

what a lovely selection of pics and your grand niece is a cutie pie....
welcome home. daughter, wife, great aunt, daughter in law, aunt!