Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thursday - I took the day off

I thought for a few minutes that today would be a relaxing day, but who am I kidding. Leave chores undone? Miss obsessive? Well, no - so it has been a busy day but a good one so far. Got up early and worked on the quilt for Sophia, the new Florida grandgod baby.  Hmm..not so happy with some of the results.  I like the colors and the overall look but I used monofiliment thread to do the quilting, and the fabric puckered.  I really did think about unpicking it but gave that up after a few minutes. Tony got me to add the yellow to the border, and I found a fabric with tiny bubbles on it that works well.   So that's done. 

Then I went into Boston to get a haircut. Ever since the big H, my hair has been miserable, flat and uninspired.  So I went to this
 new hairdresser who charged a fortune but has a great reputation.  He used to have his own salon but is working somewhere else now, seemed nice - called me beautiful and sexy  (yes..I pay for that now) - and has a lovely Lebanese accent.  He seemed to give me a good cut, and then I had my hair washed by a girl with magic fingers.  Oh, joy.  I sat in the chair for a few minutes afterwards and then this other Lebanese guy came over to start to blow dry my hair. ( I had seen him a few minutes before fixing the lights with the circuit breaker and assumed he was the shop handiguy)   Okay  - where is Mr. "I'm paying you a million dollars to do my hair"??.  A few minutes go by and then Mr. Second Lebanese handiman guy starts to actually pick up a brush and make like he is going to style my hair.  Okay, I think - I'm a terrible person, here I thought he was a handiman and he's really a stylist.  Well...two seconds into this and I know this guy has never had a brush in his hand, he had NO idea what he was doing.  Because it was my day off, and it was a beautiful day, and I was in a great mood - I started laughing hysterically, and simply made him stop and waiting for the Expensive guy to come back and finish what he had started.    I came out of there looking pretty much like a freak  - with a flip ( a FLIP for god's sake) - so I'll see tomorrow what kind of a haircut he gave me when I wash and dry it myself.   Here is the top of my head - it's all I could figure out how to photograph by myself. 
Then I went to the Dr for a checkup - and get this - I've lost 12 lbs. since I started taking the T4.  I'm thrilled, and feel so much better than I did a few months ago.   It's not that I am really eating differently, it's mostly that I have more stamina to keep up with bike riding and kayaking and walking etc etc etc.   More to go, but it's nice to see a start. 
THEN - I went and met Tony at the bike shop.  Here is where it all starts getting confusing or perhaps more clarified for me.   We decided to take my brand new, I love it blue bicycle down to Florida with us this weekend so that we can ride down there. And we'll leave it there.   So, I need a new bike for me up here and we went looking after hours on the computer searching for the perfect bike.  The strange thing is this - I would NEVER have done this for myself just a few months ago.  Suddenly here I am with "hey, it's only money" attitude and I've never been that person. I've always been conservative, always bought myself the cheaper item, and felt guilty over spending money on myself - even with as hard as I work.  Not to say that I'm the little Match Girl - by no means.  I don't really skimp, but to be honest if I had a choice between a bike that costs $200.00 and one that costs $500.00 (and you got much more for your money) - for myself I'd choose the $200.00 bike.   All of a sudden I'm buying two bikes, getting fancy haircuts, getting a new sewing machine - and I don't feel one tiny bit of guilt!  Not one.  I never skimped on buying clothes for myself but always sort of sneaked them into the house with a slightly guilty air. Now I think I could go shopping at Nordstroms and come inside with the bags over each arm. 
Is this just growing up?  or it is drugs? 

Either way, we should be off to Florida for Father's day and are spending a week there.  A week of sitting by the pool, drawing, relaxing, playing with my nieces...and oh yes, daredevil mountain bike riding on the beach. 


ElizT said...

What a good story.
And what a gorgeous, expensive looking top-of-the head!
When do you buy the sports car?

Debra Kay said...

You can never have too many bikes. EVER.

I did sell my cruiser because honestly, I never rode it once I got a little fitter. But it spawned a whole interest in biking and now I know of 3 new bikes and many more dusty ones that are being used weekly. So that little cruiser did a lot of good-it got me started back riding and 4 other people that I know of.

Mim, living beyond your means is never going to be your style-but I think living more fully within your means is a good goal.

For me-I keep my play money seperate and I have a NO GUILT rule about the play money. I can't figure out how much of the guilt is me, my raising, former husbands trying to control me-so I finally took a shortcut and declared certain moneys free from guilt.

Ok, I've only recently begun to work on it-but I was able to buy a new stove and dishwasher without angst (although it did take several tries to be truthful) and THAT is huge for me.

Something my Uncle said the other day brought tears to my eyes-we were talking about money and he said "I know now it could have done more good out in the world than sitting in the bank".

Your bike will carry you through maybe some tough times in Florida-a piece of your other life that you can leave there and enjoy on your visits.

I know we both have foot/ankle issues-for us the bike is key to soothing our souls and connecting with movement.

Teri C said...

OMG that is too funny. I know, easy for me to say but think of all the laughs you will get out of it.

Love the quilt. I was in the quilt shop yesterday with my daughter and instead of buying any fabric I did a sketch :)

Sarah said...

Drugs or growing up sounds like you're having a good time. I wish I could see the hair - it looks shiny anyhow!

And I think Tony was right about the yellow border :p

Forever Young said...

12 lbs, that's marvellous, i lost 4 then ate it all back on again! what's t4?

Fern said...

t4..yea I want some if it makes guilt go away.

sukipoet said...

The quilt is a treasure. Once, I went into Boston for a haircut treat. My friends went all the time during that era. Once was enough for me. some guy almost convinced my to get a perm. That's scary. I came to my senses in time to avoid that. They all make my hair look straight when it is curly.

Have a great trip. I too used to and still do sometimes opt for the cheaper item pricewise. But rarely is it the cheaper as far as my loving it wise.