Saturday, June 14, 2008

Damn Blogger

I left a nice comment on my own blog last night and it didn't get posted.   I tried to respond to everyone's nice comment on my last post and I notice this morning that it's not there.   I was explaining that T4 is one of the major hormones that control just about everything you do, it is produced by your thyroid and if you are low on this essential hormone things get all slowed down in your metabolism and you feel yucky.  So having been diagnosed with a case of Hypothyroidism (low thyroid) the Dr. gave me T4 and it is working wonders!  See Dr. Blanchard site, or recommendations.  

We are supposed to be heading for Florida today in our little plane.  Tony flew it the other night with his usual conservative attitude (which I love when it comes to the plane) and found that one of the little bits wasn't working right. So he and the mechanic spent all day yesterday fixing the little thing - whatever it was - and got it working just fine now. But he is exhausted and I don't think we should spend 8 hours in the air. So I'm lobbying to fly to Charleston or Hilton Head or Savannah and spend the night - enjoy the city and perhaps explore a bit. We're in no rush. My niece, her daughter and husband will be with Mom and Dad so they'll be occupied.  I'm taking my bike down with me to leave it there, which will be great.  The bike that I do have down there is about 20 years old, still good but not particularly comfortable when off road - and not actually good to go off road. It's perfect for flat paved surfaces - which is what we'll use it for. 

So I got up this morning and did the rounds of my favorite blogs - had a few giggles, and left a few hello's.  Then I went and visited my secondary blogs - saw how people were doing, and what was new in their world.  Left a few hello's, and then went onto the tertiary blogs - where I don't really "know" the people but enjoy reading their stories, or seeing their crafts.   But now it's 6:30 am, and I have to finish packing and work on the binding for the new baby quilt and perhaps get some exercise in before we get into the plane. 

See you all in a week or so!  


sukipoet said...

Have a fabulous trip. I have been miffed as google was not updating my "igoogle" page which i use to stay in touch with all these levels of blogs you mention. So I missed a number of posts but now it seems to be updating again.

kj said...

hello mim! is mine a 'tertiary' blog? (thank you for your visit!)

i've had fun scrolling through your blog. you and debra kay seem very compatible, which is always a good thing in life. and i love your quilt(s)--great sense of color.

into boston, eh? i know it well...


Teri C said...

Blogger has been bad in my world also. Must be going though some changes.

Sounds like a fab trip!! I know you will have fun.

Debra Kay said...

Naughty blogger. I thought I was over my fear of flying completely till you wrote "little plane" heart literallys started pounding. What frightens us is such an individual and sometimes irrational thing.

I needed to read that about the thyroid too-I forget that for my friend in Florida it isn't "over" until the hormones get regulated.

KJ-I actually got to meet Mim-her parents live right by a friend of mine. And I hope to meet her again someday...and you and ALL my blog friends.

ElizT said...

It did that to me as well!
Mim, you are a brave passenger-wife.

Kel said...

Thanks for stopping by, I always enjoy new people and new blogs! Have a wonderful time on your trip!!

K.C. said...

Hope you have a wonderful time on your trip!

You made me laugh talking about going to the grocery store. Yes, my bill is still always about one hundred dollars higher when my children are with me... but, i have to know that in 10 years, that it will be irrelevant to me. I have to focus on that... Kayce

Forever Young said...

thanx for explaining this to me...and have a wonderful time....and a complete rest from work. hugs and wfs.