Thursday, June 5, 2008


I love my iPOD, just love that little gadget and take it everywhere.  

A friend at work gave me a bunch of old music to put on my little ipod, and I put it all on without thinking much about it.  Walking this morning and Steeleye Span singing "All Around My Hat" came on.  Haven't heard that in YEARS!  Took me back to college, dancing with friends, crazy days, seems now that I was very carefree altho' it didn't seem so at the time. 

Wow.  Maddy Prior's voice - I remember now the sweetness and purity and vibrato that she had. And Sandy Denny's voice. And other strong voiced women in the '70's.  


Since I'm reminiscing - was anyone here.  I wasn't  (WAYYY too young) but Tony was - with the Hogg Farm as the "Please Force". Yeah...right.  The stories that he tells are amazing.  

I wouldn't go back, but there are just certain things that I still think about....


Debra Kay said...

My IPOD is like a magical transporter device-it takes me away.

I'm watching "hippies" on the history channel right now-I was too young to participate, but I see now that what was going on in the world then still influenced and continues to influence me.

My eyes till mist over any time they give the litany of drug deaths, Jimi, Janice, Jim.

This morning I took coffee grounds to my tomatoes, picked clover for the gerbils and peppers for the parrot. No communes for me, but in my own way, maybe I'm living the dream.

Forever Young said...

my ipod has audio books on it and i spend hours and hours listening to me favourite novels. oh yes i do have some frankie and some dolly and some beatles and some sixties music on it too....
hey debs. love your comment, and you ARE living the life girl!